How to Choose the Best Disposable Vapes?

The disposable vape is becoming the next big thing in the vaping world. The benefits you can reap from the tiny machine is more than merely some fuss-free relaxation—it’s also about switching to a healthier lifestyle than smoking. For whatever reason you decide to obtain a nicotine vape prescription, getting the best experience has much to do with an ideal device. While with tons of choices out there, anyone could find it hard to pick out a right disposable vape on the first try. So, use this guide to get you started!

What is a Disposable Vape?

Vapes are classified into several types, among which disposable is the simplest one. Although the operations allowed to do with a disposable vape is reduced to a bare minimum, its core is no different from that of others. They’re all meant for providing nicotine-containing vapors for people to breathe in.

The difference is more on the outside. Disposable vapes have no complicated menu system. Disposable vapes have no complicated menu system, or any open platform inside needing you rebuild. You just take drags until the e-liquid runs out. Then toss them out and grab a new one. Vaping on a disposable frees you from continuous battery anxiety and refilling hassles, say the spills that leave your device resting in a puddle. 

Types of Disposable Vapes

By Puffs and Nicotine

Disposable vapes are categorize mainly by their e-liquid capacity and nicotine level. On the market so far, you can find the pod capacity from 2mL to 10mL (even more). The nicotine levels are usually 2%, 3%, and 5%, some are 0%. With larger juice capacity, the battery size and vape size will be larger. 

Viewable E-liquid Pod

Besides the capacity and nicotine, you may have noticed that some disposable vapes now have transparent e-liquid pod. Most disposables still have un-viewable pods. However, the transparent e-liquid pod can largely help vapers check the remaining e-liquid. 

Rechargeable Battery

One issue that vapers might encounter with disposable vapes is when we finish one vape, we don’t know if it’s the battery run out or it’s the juice run out. Therefore, to solve this problem, some vape brands have launched rechargeable disposable vapes that you can recharge until the juice is running out for sure. 

Moreover, rechargeable disposable vapes tend to be cheaper than non-rechargeable vapes. They have smaller battery capacity, which saves brands’ budgets on batteries and a device can hold more e-liquid. 

Prep Work: Know Your Preference about Disposable Vapes

Before you start to delve into sea of disposables, the first imperative is figuring out your real needs and wants. A quick sort-out will steer you closer to the right device that fits you best. To hunt for your exact match faster, here’re a couple of things you should take into account: 

Puffs – How Many Puffs are in a Vape? Large or Small?

The puffs of a disposable vape decides straight how long you can use it. A typical user can get anywhere between 400 puffs and 4,000 puffs with a disposable, depending on the size of the vape juice reservoir locked inside the device. Then comes the first choice to make: which do you prefer, more puffs or less puffs?

The advantages of both sides are evident. The less puffs your device has, the less weights you’ll have to carry along; but it also means you need supplement more often, and vice versa. For those who vape a lot out of the house, both appear as good options. Small vape features higher portability, while the larger one saves you from the constant anxiety over your vapes running out of stock.

Nicotine Level – What Nicotine Level Should I Choose?

Usually, disposable vapes don’t allow refills. That way, you need to make sure that the nicotine level of their pre-filled e-liquid can satisfy your desired hits in the first place. Usually the nicotine contained in disposable vapes is measured by percentage, with 2%, 3% and 5% being the most common options. If converting them into the unit of mg, the respective equivalences are 20, 30 and 50mg/mL. You will intake more nicotine in one puff with higher nicotine level.

When you have little knowledge about nicotine level, the best solution is to start from the lowest 2%. If this strength fails to strike out your cravings effectively, you can raise the dose progressively till it finally hits you the way you like. 

Flavor – Which Liquid Flavor is Better?

Variety in flavors is another hallmark of disposable vapes, and meanwhile what makes one product distinct from others. You might have noticed the competition among disposable brands is more or less a rivalry for increasingly wider flavor range. It’s so true because disposables are inevitably confined by the feature of “one device one flavor,” so they must make as many as possible flavors available to cater to every sort of appetite.

No matter how fancy a disposable’s “flavor resume” looks, its overall tone would likely follow a pattern. For example, some brands make sheer sugary liquid, while some love to balance the sweetness out. Some focus on blending menthol with fruit tastes, while others are used to adding a custardy note in their liquids. You can take advantage of this pattern to search out your right disposable vape.

Vapor Production

Although disposables are made for least customization, it doesn’t mean their cloud performance always stay in the same level. We know that many parameters, including coil resistance, vape juice, battery current and the amount of airflow, can have huge influences over the vapors. There’s no exception to disposables, despite that their coils and batteries are built-in and they have no airflow control system for adjustments.

For disposable vapes, it’s quite easy to pre-check the cloud amount before you buy them. First, you can read the specification. Some vapes brands will specify the resistance. Usually, disposable vapes’ resistance range fall into 1.0Ω to 1.2Ω. Moreover, you can check how many airflow inlets the vapes have. The more inlets, the bigger clouds the vapes should produce.

Buy your products from big brands and legit online vape shops.

Safety has always been a matter of some concern when people talk about disposables. Admittedly, when a vaping product heats up unknown pre-filled liquid and runs on locked-in coil and battery, its quality just remains mysterious. But anyways, you can ease your minds when purchasing products from big names, as their manufacturing complies with uniformly high standards, and they have to go through stringent reviews by relevant authorities before put on sale. 

While on the other hand, unlicensed brands are really growing rampant. To avoid any chances that you might throw yourself in a safety risk, we recommend you to only look at disposables vapes from better-known manufacturers, such as Elf Bar, Geek Bar, and MOTI.

Best Online Vape Shops

New Vaping: warehouse is at UK. Ships to UK. Always have promotion on disposable vapes.

Element Vape: Ships to the U.S. Always have the latest disposable vapes. Ships fast and trustworthy.

Vapesourcing: Ships internationally. It has one warehouse in the U.S., and one in HongKong, China. It offers competitive price and wide-range of vapes. 

Make sure your supplier is reliable.

As horrible as it sounds, the vape market is rife with counterfeits. The worst part is you can hardly tell a difference between the fake and real ones if you’re still new to vaping. A rule of thumb is to swipe your card only when you’re sure of the reliability of a supplier, no matter the transaction happens online or offline. 

Some buyers easily drop their guards when shopping for vapes at convenience stores or roadside retailers, reckoning they would be more trustworthy than an intangible seller online. But the truth might be the other way around. Some physical stores, official ones excluded, are mixing knockoffs with authentic products to manage to keep up with the growing demands. In this case, you’d rather shop at a reputable online vape store when you can’t bet the suppliers around you are selling 100% authentic products.

What’s the Best Disposable Device for Beginners?

There’s no one “correct answer” about the best disposable vapes, since it’s unlikely that all of us share exactly same preferences. Hence, we recommend the following disposables less for their perfectness in the strictest sense, but more for they’ve all received a great deal of recognition.

  • Geek Bar

Geek Bar is sort of the most representative disposable vape among others. It offers more than 20 flavors, most of which feature refreshing fruit tastes. Just as its name suggests, the disposable is shaped into a “bar” with smooth curves through and through, feeling of quality in hands. On average you can get 575 puffs from it.

  • Elf Bar

Elf Bar is one of the most fuss-free devices with over 30 flavors available. It features a compact size and matte colorful shell representing different flavors. Depending on the Elf bar model you choose, you can get different puffs ranging from 600 to 5,000.

  • MOTI Piin 2

MOTI Piin 2 houses 2mL vape juice. It delivers ultra-smooth fruity flavors in such a small body. There are 10+ flavors range that covers the most seen fruity flavors.

How to Know More Info about Disposable Vapes?

We encourage you to do some further research when you’ve found out a disposable vape that seemingly meets all your preferences. Some people opt to enter the product’s official page and look into them via some basic information, such as puffs, battery, flavors and coil. That’s great, but not enough. After all, the site couldn’t cover every detail about the product; even if it does, the descriptions just sound sort of biased as they’re not from a third party. Moreover, a single disposable vape might come with a million different flavors, so what’s the real difference? 

Expert reviews could be the shortcut to puzzling everything out. More importantly, they come to shed a light from a more honest view. Knowing how to utilize a good review will keep you away from impulsive buying and save yourself a large chunk of money. Some of the greatest vape review sites include Ashtray Blog, Vapers Garage, My Vape Review and EcigaretteReviewed. Not all of them post reviews on disposable vapes though. Here’re some of the greatest vape review sites you can find online: 

  • Vaping 360: a reputable vaping portal that delivers latest vaping news, reviews, and guides.
  • Vapers Garage: suitable for more sophisticated vapers as it posts plenty of reviews on vape juice and customizable hardware like RBAs and mod kits.
  • My Vape Review: always stays one step ahead of others in releasing all-around reviews on latest vaping products from disposables to squonks.
  • EcigaretteReviewed: provides explicit and authentic reviews on the widest range of vaping products.

We’d like to take MyVapeReview as an instance, and suppose that you’re about to buy some Elf Bars but feeling overwhelmed by the numerous models and flavors. Let’s see how a review could help you. 


This is a thorough comparison among Elf Bar 600, 800 and 1500, which has involved all specifications and even prices in a clear-cut manner. Also, we can find some real comments about Elf Bar’s quality and design in this section, including some helpful complaints. That could help us filter out products with severe flaws in design and quality, like liquid leakage or constant spit-back. 

The last interesting stuff we come across in the review is that the site seriously did a test to check how many puffs they can get from the Elf Bar 800. We know there must exist a gap between the claimed puffs and actual ones. And such an interesting “precisely-controlled” trial just makes the picture clearer. If you happen to be planning on a long trip and wonder how many Elf Bars you would consume over the days, we believe the data have hit the nail on the head.

Can Someone Under 18 Buy Disposable Vapes? 

In the US, vape sellers are forbidden from selling vaping products to anyone younger than 21. While in some other countries, like Britain and Canada, the age limit is 18. To conclude, if you haven’t reached the minimum age for vaping required by your country’s regulators, you’re not allowed to buy disposable vapes from retailers.

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