How to Choose the Best SEO Package for Your Business?

Today, Search Engine Optimization is important for any business that has a web presence. Having an efficient SEO proves beneficial for business in more than one way. This is the reason why a good SEO package is as important to a business as any other asset. And statistics rightly justify this fact. As per the latest research, 60% of marketers say that inbound marketing tactics like SEO are their highest quality source of leads!

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But there are so many dynamic aspects to a good SEO, that it often becomes difficult for a business to choose the correct SEO package. In fact, if you do not invest in a good SEO package, it will not take long for your company to fall into the category of those businesses that get in trouble for using negative SEO!

So, first, let us take a brief note about the two primary types of SEO packages available in the market:

  1. Standard Package – Standard package, as the name implies, includes all the basic SEO services and activities which are required by any business that employs business. It includes services like keyword research, link building, blogging services, etc. This is probably the best option for those firms who do want a lot from their SEO package. Also, a standard SEO package is impressively inexpensive.
  2. Customized Package – Customized SEO packages are tailor-made for businesses to meet their special requirement. Besides including the regular SEO services, a customized package will deal with all the other requisites your business especially seeks from SEO. It is highly suggested for those businesses who are more into everyday research and development. But then again, it is pretty expensive.

Now, let us see what are some of the main qualities which a good SEO package must have:

  1. Content Marketing

If your SEO package lacks this very thing called good content marketing strategies, then, hate to say this but it is as good as nothing! The main reason why companies employ SEO firms like Hawk Academy by StudioHawk is that they play a very important role in devising attractive content marketing strategies.

And you know just how important it is to have good content marketing strategies in order to generate leads. So, first and foremost, make sure that your prospective SEO package comes with amazing content marketing tips and tricks.

  1. Keyword Research

Another important quality without which you will not be able to get the best out of your SEO. Keywords not only lay the foundation of good reach online but also ensures your company is known out there for all the right reasons.

You cannot just associate your website with any trending keyword just like that. Deep insight and research are needed to find out what’s the most appropriate set of keywords for your business. If your SEO package does not specialize in this, why are you even considering it in the first place?

  1. Research and Analysis Skills

As important as it sounds, an SEO package backed with good research and analysis skills will take your company a long way. There is no doubt as to why researching keywords is essential.

And why just keywords? It’s the analysis skills only that help your website in reaching out to the right backlinks, which helps your website to flourish. So, remember this tip – never go for an SEO package that promises to just ‘manage’ the research and analysis department.

  1. Tracking reports

It’s what the wise men say – the first step towards success is knowing where you really stand! The same goes for your website. You must always have a track record of where your website is heading, what are the important stats related to it, how far it has come from where it started, etc.

A good SEO package generally has all these deets in handy, generally. However, if your prospective one does not – reconsider your choices, please.

  1. Blogging

Lastly, make double sure that your SEO package comes with this feature as this adds value to your website, big time! A website is nothing without good content in it. And blogs are the main constituent of all the content that you put out on your site. So, ensure your SEO package has this.


Choosing an SEO package is not as easy as it sounds. Here, we listed the different types of SEO packages available in the market and the features which a good SEO package must contain so that you can choose the best SEO package for your business. This guide is sure to help you.

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