How to choose the best sports glasses for your sport?

Glasses with sports usually don’t get along. That’s the reason why you don’t see many glasses-wearing sports players. Well, most of them, about 90 percent of them, have perfect vision along with a god-gifted physique. But few of them have vision defects.

Your poor eyesight cannot stop you from playing your favourite sports, whether football, basketball, or cycling. Glasses are even more critical as they can help you protect your eyes. Regular eyeglasses might be an obstacle to your gameplay. Still, sports glasses are perfect for enhancing your sports performance and protecting your eyes from any sports-related injuries. There are plenty of cases of eye injuries, all from Sports which could have been easily avoided if worn proper protective eyewear.

For example, Goodr glasses are a golfer’s dream with their glare-reducing polarized lenses, providing a clear vision and UV400 protection on the greens. The no-slip, no-bounce frames guarantee comfort and stability throughout your game. Moreover, their affordability means no compromise on style and functionality, making them a go-to choice for every golfer.

Qualities to look for in Sports Glasses

Sports glasses are essential for your eye safety. Best sports glasses will give you enough protection and even improve your performance. They are comfortable to wear and do not hurt your nose and temples like your regular glasses when you wear them with a helmet. If you ride bikes, you know what I am talking about. It’s excruciatingly painful to wear your everyday office glasses with your helmet.

Perfect Fit

The first and foremost quality you should look at in your sports glasses is fit. If they don’t fit, they are of no use to you. You could have worn your regular glasses. When participating in any sports activity, you are sure to run around a lot. If not, move your arms and legs to some extent. I have never heard of any sports activity that you can do while lying around. If there is, do tell me.

If your glasses are not fit, they will keep slipping off, and worse, fly off your face and break from the impact.

Sports glasses that fit snugly on your face will not come off your face. Glasses with wraparound structure fit on your face perfectly. They do not fall off with slight scuffles.

Most sports glasses are made from polycarbonates; basically, a strong plastic used in making safety glasses for industries and labs. And better sports glasses are made with TR90, a Swiss technology product. These are flexible and exceptionally resilient, and perfectly fit on your face. The flexibility lets it bend according to your face and does not fall off your face too often. You can try wearing your helmet with these glasses. You will not feel the glasses pressuring your nose or temples.

Light Adaptatiblility

If you are playing outdoors, you will need to protect your eyes from injuries and the harsh sun rays and UV rays. The glare of the sun can make your eyes teary. It can be distracting if you are riding a bike or hiking.

UV 400 coating on glasses will help you protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays. If you live in a high UV index region, get eyeglasses and sunglasses with UV 400 coating. They will protect your eyes. UV rays affect your eyes after prolonged exposure to it. It is better to reduce your exposure as much as possible.

To protect your eyes from the glare and bright lights of cars or street lights, you can use transition glasses. These glasses give you clear vision in any light condition. They turn darker when exposed to sunlight and fade back to clear when in regular lights. These glasses are meant for super busy or those who stay outdoors doing sporty adventures.

Weather Adaptability

Remember winters, your glasses enemy. You are filled with foggy vision and the tiresome task of cleaning your glasses all the time. When participating in sports, it’s a nuisance to have to stop to clean your glasses.

To solve this problem of yours, the best sports glasses do not fog often. The structure makes it impossible for glasses to turn misty. The wraparound structure allows ventilation of air. The air passes through your frames without touching your glasses much.

Water and Sweat Resistance

Another issue you face while on your sporty adventures is sweat. Sweat runs through your forehead and gets in your eyes. When you are wearing glasses, they get on your lenses, blocking your view. When the sweat dries up on your lenses, they leave behind marks.

High-quality sports glasses do not let water or sweat stick to the glass’s surface. The water and sweat roll off the surface without leaving behind any marks.

Vision Enhancement

Suppose you enjoy golfing. You don’t usually need any vision aid for golfing unless it is a sunny day. You enjoy your game while scoring birdies and aces. However, you can achieve even better if you wear red or green-tinted sports glasses. These tints enhance the vision by giving better colour and depth perception. If the stakes are high in the game, make sure to get your glasses frames.

If cycling or bike riding is your sport, then you need more than just tints. You need a broader view field. When riding a bike with your usual glasses, you must have noticed that the top part of the glasses comes into view. If your regular glasses frames have thicker frames, your vision is disrupted from it. Sports glasses have a broader vision field with little embellishments on the top of the frames.

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