How to Choose the Ideal Pellet Mill for your Specific Purpose

While you can find a lot of manufacturers offering Pellet Mill in various types and models, picking one that is ideal for your specific needs may not be so easy. You are required to take your time doing the proper research so that you don’t buy the wrong machine which can cause financial loss and big regret. After all, It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Before trying to scan the catalogs, the very first thing you need to do is to clearly understand the purpose of your purchase. Try to answer the following questions:

  • What will you use the pellet for?
  • Do you want to use the pellet mill for house consumption or for industrial needs?
  • How long do you wish to keep using the pellet mill?

Specifically knowing your purpose will help you determine the type and model you should choose, and the budget you need to prepare. For example, if you intend to only produce pellets in small amounts, a small-scale pellet mill will do the job, however, if you want to have them in a big quantity, the large-scale one may be more suitable for the job.

Besides figuring out your purpose, there are some more critical factors to consider so that you may decrease the risk of choosing the wrong machine. Those factors are as below.

Critical Factors to Consider in Selecting Your Ideal Pellet Mill

Think of your Raw Material

The raw material used to produce pellets can have various degrees of hardness, length, and shape. Every type of pellet mill is designed for specific raw materials. You have to make sure the one you want to buy has the capacity to process the raw material you intend to use. For example, materials like hardwood cannot be processed with the same machine that takes in softwood and grass. Forcefully using the wrong material can cause damage to the machine.

Examine the Durability of the Machine

Figure out how often you want to use the machine and how long the machine can work properly with the frequency. This is especially important if you want to use it for industrial purposes. While there are a lot of new models released every year, sometimes it is better to choose the old model that you know exactly how long it can last.

Determine the Source of Power

These days, pellet mills that are run automatically by electricity seem to be the obvious choice most of the time. However, there are also situations when you can’t afford electricity. If you plan to use the machine in a location with no easy access to electricity, you may want to consider buying pellet mills that use diesel or gasoline.

Check if You May Need Additional Equipment

Additional equipment is used to support the milling process so that you can produce the pellets more smoothly. If the material is a little bit wet you may want to have a drier to decrease the level of moisture within the material. If the material is too large, you may want to use a hammer mill to crush it into smaller pieces before processing them with the pellet mill. 

In industrial circumstances, additional equipment may include tools for packaging and storage as well as the required workers that can operate the machine on a daily basis.

Calculate the Total Cost

Obviously, you have to know how much you’re gonna invest in the machine. Many people make mistakes by limiting these calculations to only the price of the machine. To have a better budget plan, you must at least include the three things below in your total calculation:

  • The price of the machine: This price will be affected by the size, shape, and design as well as the brand of the machine. Find as many options as possible even if it takes more time.
  • Operational cost: This cost includes the expense of electricity or gasoline used to run the machine, transportation fees, additional equipment costs, and the operator’s wage.
  • Maintenance cost: Some pellet mills may come with high prices and low maintenance costs while some others may go the other way around. Pick one that best suit your situation!

Take a Closer Look at the Brand

Never trust a brand based only on what they say in the commercials. The best way to judge the credibility of certain brands is by reviewing comments, ratings, and other forms of feedback from their previous customers. You may also want to check the manufacturer’s legality by visiting the official government website that lists its entity.

Some manufacturers are also available for a visit in which you can test the machine directly with your intended raw material to see if it works as your expectation. Credible manufacturers will take full responsibility in case the machine comes with any defects or if there is a mistake in the order. Furthermore, they may also offer after-sale benefits such as transportation costs discounts or free first maintenance.


To find an ideal pellet mill that can fit your specific needs, first, you must have a clear purpose of what you want to use the machine for. After that, you can start comparing products based on some factors including your intended raw material, the durability of the machine, source of power, the necessity for additional equipment, total costs, and the credibility of the brand. You’re advised to do proper research and not to be rushed in making the final decision.

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