How To Choose The Right Virtual Assistant For Your Business 

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Your company’s underlying administrative systems and procedures are crucial to its success. It makes sense that you’d want to recruit the best virtual assistant once you see how crucial they are to your company since outsourcing those chores is the logical course of action. 

If you want the collaboration to succeed and function smoothly, you need someone specializing in those fields.

Selecting the ideal Virtual Assistant for you is important since the person you employ will also be collaborating closely with you. 

How can you be sure you choose the ideal VA for your company and for you when they will also be developing and administering crucial, confidential, and sensitive systems for your business?

We compiled a list below through research and with the help of business experts! 

Prior planning will help you get the VA you desire

Sam Underwood, founder of SEO Toolbelt recommends planning your hire first. “What precisely do you want your VA to accomplish? What will they be expected to perform and how long do you anticipate the contract will last?”-Underwood states. 

“Your demands, the VA’s responsibilities, and the expected number of hours should all be described in detail. Think about your budget and chosen method of communication as well before you make the hire.” 

Check the reviews and ratings of any possible VAs

Virtual assistants often include a page for reviews or comments on their website or profile. Give that area a thorough read when considering potential recruits. 

Take note of any issues and conflicts that their customers may have previously had with that VA. You may always get in touch with these former customers and inquire about their experiences working with the VA if you have the time.

Are they affordable for you?

André Disselkamp, co-founder of German-based InsureTech company Insurancy shares: “Your primary determining element shouldn’t be your money. Many company owners, particularly those who have never used a VA before, misjudge the expense of hiring one.

You may always choose to pay less if you need to, but keep in mind that you want the best VA possible, not the cheapest. The cheapest may not always give you the most value for your money.”

Test them out first

Give the VA a try for a certain amount of time before deciding. You may adjust your working connection throughout this time. 

Even while this brief trial run may not be a good approach to determine if the VA will be able to work effectively with your present company structure, it’s still a wonderful way to sort the performers from the pretenders.

Verify if their skill set corresponds to your requirements

What additional qualities are you searching for in a VA, besides having abilities or technical know-how for a certain job? 

Is writing proficiency a necessary or desirable talent, for example, while searching for an administrative assistant? You should sign the contract as soon as possible if your prospective VA has all the abilities you need for your company. 

If not, or if just certain of their talents genuinely meet your needs, you may want to give it some more thought. But you should try it if they’re open to learning and seem like a good match for your business.

Conduct appropriate examinations and thorough interviews

Saj Munir, owner of Chorlton Fireworks states: “This is where many company entrepreneurs fail. Assessing a candidate’s talents via suitable assessments is the clearest approach to establishing whether or not they are the greatest fit for you.

Do you need a virtual assistant to handle your company’s administrative functions and respond to emails? Send them an email conversation and a typing test.

Do you need a VA to handle your general consumer interactions and social media?

During the interview, present potential situations to see how they might respond.

You may learn more about the applicants than what is included in their resumes by conducting phone or Skype interviews with them. 

Additionally, interviews can help you determine if a candidate has the personality to mesh well with your workplace culture.” 

A background investigation and job training

You may get a different viewpoint on your VA as an employee by getting in touch with their former employers. 

What are the advantages? What might they do better? Discover them so you are prepared for working with them. Once you’ve determined that the applicant is qualified to join your team, be sure to provide the necessary training.

Many company owners delegate jobs without the proper training. Your working hours do not have to be significantly cut short for the training. 

Just enough should be provided to enable the VA to do their best. Additionally, orienting your VA from the start implies less oversight and room for error once they are up and running.

Think about your long-term objectives

Percy Grunwald, owner of Compare Banks shares: “Consider your long-term company objectives in addition to determining your urgent demands. 

Do you want to grow your business, boost sales, or satisfy more customers? These objectives will assist you in identifying the kind of assistance you need and the skills necessary to achieve your goals.” 

Review your working style

Think about your working style and the kind of VA who will complement your preferences and personality the most. 

Do you prefer working individually or as a team? Do you like to be more hands-on or are you comfortable assigning others tasks? 

These criteria will help you in your search for a VA who complements your working style and may assist you in more successfully achieving your goals.

You may locate a virtual assistant who can support your company effectively and aid you in achieving your goals by taking the time to clearly describe your requirements and goals. 

When describing your needs, be as clear as you can to attract applicants with the appropriate qualifications. 

Additionally, be sure to be transparent about your recruiting criteria, including your budget and any other limitations. By doing this, you can make sure that you discover the ideal virtual employee who will contribute to your company’s success.