How to Clean Hard to Reach Places?

Accumulation of dust and other debris around the house can create a hatchery for bacteria. The dust can also attract hazardous pathogens, which can be detrimental to your health. Therefore, it is essential to clean our homes regularly to avoid allergies and other ailments associated with these pathogens.

While cleaning is an involving task, reaching some of the places you want to scrub or disinfect is even harder. One needs special tools to clean such critical areas with ease. If you are wondering how to access such hard to reach areas and have them dusted off, here are smart ways to help you out.

Ceiling, Light Fixtures, and Fans

Cleaning the ceiling while sitting on someone’s shoulders or standing on a tall stool can be tedious and risky. Instead, you can reach the ceiling using a lander, and tie it safely with a sturdy rope. Professionals from believe that the high-quality rope prevents the ladder from sliding, and this protects you from sustaining injuries. Besides the ladder, you can wipe out the dust and the spider webs using a disposable duster.

The disposable duster is made of a unique material that attracts dust rather than spreading it. If you can’t afford the disposable duster, use a feather duster or a clean microfiber cloth to clean the components. You may need to secure them to a mop handle using a rubber band.

Cleaning Tall Furniture and Cabinet Tops

Many people tend to ignore the tops of cabinets and tall furniture since they are out of sight. However, the fact that they are out of sight does not prevent the bacteria from breeding on the dirty tops. Hygienically, you should clean them using unique cleaning tools, which might vary according to the type of dirt on the top.

For instance, you might use a disposable brush with an adjustable pivot to remove the dust and other solid particles on the tops. However, if an oily liquid has coated the top of any, you will need a soft cloth dipped in a solution containing hot water, household ammonia, and cleaning detergent.

Crevices of a Keyboard

The accumulation of crumbs in the hard to reach crevices can stick the keyboard keys. Additionally, the crunching on every tap can be disturbing. To get rid of them, disconnect the machine from power and then turn the keyboard upside down to remove any loose solid particles. Then turn it up to remove the stuck dust and other solid particles using a can of compressed air. If you don’t have the can of compressed air, run a sticky note between the keys to dislodge any stuck particles within.

Toilet Corners and Underneath the Rim

While cleaning the toilet is not a favorite task for many, maintaining the area beneath the toilet rim clean is even nastier. The area is usually infected with bacteria, and this means that you disinfect it first. The best way to disinfect is to stick some paper towel dipped in vinegar beneath the rims.

After that, you should leave it for 30 minutes to allow the vinegar to kill any bacteria present and remove any scaling. When you finish, dispose of the paper towels and then remove the gunk remains by scrubbing with a toilet brush. You can also clean the toilet corners using an angled scrubber. The angled scrubber has a pivot and will thus adjust to clean the edges effectively.

Refrigerator Coils

The build-up of dust and other solid materials on the refrigerator’s coils can interfere with its working effectiveness. Additionally, such dirt can cause utility bills to shift up. Cleaning the reels depends on its location in that model.

For the refrigerator models with coils at the back, use a vacuum upholstery brush to wipe out the unwanted coating. You might also need a crevice tool of your vacuum and a stiff brush with a long handle to remove the debris from the bottom coiled refrigerator.

Dishwasher Filter

The filter in a dishwasher can become clogged due to the accumulation of debris and tap water minerals. If left unattended, they can become a host for bacteria and cause a foul smell. To clean the filter, empty the washer to remove the rack at the bottom. Unscrew the filter and clean it using hot water and a piece of cloth. However, some filters are not removable. In that case, you need to lift it with its components and the area around the cap.

Keeping your house clean is the first step in maintaining good health. However, you need some special tools and techniques mentioned above to clean the hard-to-reach places. If you experience difficulties in cleaning those areas, reach out to your nearest cleaning services for help.

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