How To Convert Miles To Kilometer

We all watch American feature films, in which, occasionally, you can hear a phrase like “That’s fifty miles from here” or “That guy was going 90 miles an hour.” And you immediately think about how many kilometers it will take to understand the point. The modern international metric system of measurements adopted kilometers as the unit of length, not miles, but miles are still in use in the USA.

Intuitively, a mile is an ancient unit of distance, but it needed to be clarified exactly how much. Where did miles come from? And how to convert miles to km?

Miles appeared in ancient Rome

The mile comes from the Latin mille passus, and in translation, means: “a thousand double steps of Roman soldiers in full armor on the march.” This ancient measure of distance was introduced as far back as ancient Rome and was famous for quite some time. In many countries, it was used for centuries until a single international metric system of measurements appeared, introducing the kilometer, which perfectly replaced the mile.

In different countries, the value of the mile was different, and the modern kilometer wins in this regard since, according to the metric system standards, the kilometer is measured in the same way. It has an equal length in different countries, so everything is clear in calculations and calculations.

A kilometer (abbreviated in Cyrillic as km or Latin as km) is a reference unit of distance measurement that is a meter multiple.

We are taught that there are 1,000 meters in 1 kilometer from school. But we have yet to hear about American miles, although it is quite interesting, as well as English feet and yards.

Information about the kilometer (km)

In August 1793, the National Assembly of France declared the meter the only system for measuring length in the French Republic. The first name of the kilometer was “Miller.” Although the meter was officially defined in 1799, the myriameter (10,000 meters) was preferred over the “kilometer” for everyday use.

A kilometer (American spelling: kilometer; symbol: km) is a unit of a size equivalent to 1,000 meters, the bottom unit of size of the International System of Units (SI). A kilometer is a portion of the metric system. The connected unit of measurement is the square kilometer, and the corresponding unit of volume is the cubic kilometer.

How many miles are in one kilometer?

You watch a Hollywood movie, and they say a car is moving at 150 miles per hour. But how much will it be in our usual kilometers? Everything is very simple. You must multiply the mile speed by 1.61 and get kilometers per hour. To convert back, you need to divide your speed in kilometers by 1.61 to get miles.

  • 0.621 miles in 1 km,
  • 1 mile = 1,609 meters,
  • 10 km = 6.21 miles,
  • 100 km = 62.1 miles,
  • 200 km = 124.2 miles.

Now, when watching feature or documentary American films, after hearing miles, you can quickly translate in your mind how much it will be in kilometers. If it is difficult or lazy to count in your mind, you can use the benefits of the Internet and search for a converter of values from 1 mile to km, By the way, the smartphone can also have a value converter.

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