How to Create a Pest-Free Outdoor Dining Experience?

If you want to offer your patrons a new dining experience then try outdoor dining. However, one issue that may develop from outdoor dining is the unwanted attention of various pests that will be attracted by the aroma of your delicious meals.

Outdoor pests may completely ruin the dining experience for customers. Some may refuse to return to your restaurant, which can lead to lost clients and reduced sales. However, pests can be easily managed with a few simple steps.

Here, our focus will be on how you can create a pest-free outdoor dining experience so that your customers can enjoy their meals uninterrupted.

Different Types of Common Outdoor Pests

Different pests bring their own unique set of problems. Flies can be very annoying, buzzing around the table, constantly attempting to land on the food or even drowning themselves in a customer’s bowl of soup.

Mosquitoes are even worse as they may bite diners, leaving painful marks or blisters on their skin. They may also, in some cases, spread diseases.

Bees and wasps scare patrons and may sting them which can prove fatal if a customer is allergic to their stings.

Ants can also bite customers, and they can contaminate food. Raccoons, squirrels, spiders, rats and seagulls are more examples of pests that can ruin a patron’s dining experience.

Ways to Keep Pests Away

If you want to spruce up your outdoor dining area or want to create a new dining space, then there are a few steps you need to take. To begin, we recommend that you install bug zappers.

Bug zappers will help create a dining space or area that is devoid of annoying and possibly dangerous pests and vermin. Bug zappers have also come a long way since their inception.

Most are designed to be unnoticeable, so your customers should be able to eat without having to deal with an eyesore. Bug zappers use state-of-the-art lighting in order to attract pests so that they can be eliminated.

You should also minimize standing water. After heavy rain, check the areas where water accumulates. You can reduce the amount of standing water by frequently emptying these areas.

You should also pay heed to sources of standing water that may be hidden, which may include trash cans, recycling containers and drains. You may want to consider hiring a pest control or management expert if your restaurant has many fountains and/or ponds.

A high-level cleaning may help. A high level of hygiene and cleanliness is imperative if you want to avoid pests and also keep your customers safe and happy.

As soon as your guests have finished their meals and left the premises, you should remove their utensils, bowls and plates. Portable sinks offer the opportunity to maintain an environment that is hygienic and clean.

Another option is to hire a cleaning service, as they will ensure that your outdoor restaurant space is neat and remains free of vermin and other pests.

You can also rearrange light fixtures. Some restaurant owners may add some garden lights and fixtures to add some mood lighting and ambiance to their restaurants. However, in some cases, such fixtures may actually attract pests.

As for LED lights, you should avoid putting them too close to the dining area, as this may make customers feel uncomfortable. Some may even have a reaction to the bright lights. Instead, try to move your light fixtures a fair distance away from the outdoor dining area.

Another simple solution is to burn citronella candles. Citronella candles can be used to drive away many different types of pests. Their distinctive odour will make it hard for vermin to locate a host.

Another benefit is that citronella candles are also quite beautiful, and can help create a romantic and tranquil mood in and around your patio area.

A Happy Customer…

Competition is fierce in the restaurant business, with many businesses going under after just a few years. Any obstacles that can hinder the customer experience should be eliminated sooner rather than later.

Keep pests away so that you can focus on attracting new customers while retaining existing ones. However, it should be noted that there is no cure-all for pests. Different techniques and products work with different pests.

The goal, then, is to minimize pest infestations by taking the necessary precautions and by keeping your outdoor dining area clean and tidy.

Provide your patrons with an excellent dining experience and they will be more likely to tell their family and friends about your restaurant, helping you generate new customers and grow a successful business.

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