How to Custom Print Rigid Boxes for your Upcoming Product?

Launching a new product is a real challenge amidst cutthroat competition and changing market landscape. If you are putting in a lot of hard work in planning, developing, and thinking about a smart sales pitch, one of the key elements that you need to focus on is the packaging. Presenting retail, food, or another item in a boring or unattractive box would make it easy to ignore and reject. So, if you want the shoppers to notice your offer, think about a creatively compelling packaging idea to grab the attention of the potential buyers. There are many box options available for accessories, confectioneries, and high-end goods. Best Custom Rigid boxes are a popular packaging solution that is preferred for being reliable and flexible.

The packaging is favored for pricey and exclusive products. One of the reasons retail and other businesses prefer these boxes is that you get to have them custom-made in stock, style, shape, and finishing choices you like. Displaying your new offer in a gripping custom product box would pique the interest of customers, they will be inclined into knowing the features and benefits of purchasing the item. Be it a hair regenerating mask that is about to hit the shelves or an innovative handy gadget, packaging can be utilized for enlightening customers about the unique value proposition of an item. Persuasive boxes would play a significant role in influencing the perception and buying decision of potential buyers.

Pay heed to details when personalizing the packaging. Choosing a knowledgeable and skilled printing provider is crucial for getting desired results out of merchandise boxes.  You can’t just trust an unknown or amateur vendor for your print job. Do some research online and ask for word-of-mouth referrals for professional printers. It might take some time to find an experienced and dependable packaging manufacturer but it would be worth the effort.

Discuss the end goals you want to accomplish through the boxes with your vendor and show some samples for inspiration.

We have some excellent tips on how to add appeal and impact to your packaging for the new product!

Print Informative Rigid Boxes

Packaging for the new item should be printed with the view to give detailed information to the customers so that they don’t have to ask or look for it elsewhere. Boxes must have answers to the questions buyers have about your offer. You can provide details in an informal way of mentioning a problem and how your product solves it. Giving quick insight about your offer through packaging would enhance its value. However, you shouldn’t use exaggerated claims and false attributes for selling more as misleading the shoppers would ruin your brand’s image and repute.

The purpose of the content on boxes should be endorsing the credibility of your business and building rapport with the consumers. You can mention a number of years you have been in the industry catering to the needs of a diverse customer base along with the names of your best-sellers on the custom product box. Packaging giving an account of the reasons for why the buyers should choose you over other brands would aid with improving your company’s market positioning and sales.

How to get the Boxes Custom Printed?

Packaging for your product has to be the emblem of the kind of items your cosmetic or apparel company is selling. Explain to your printer the image you want to portray for your business through the boxes. Packaging should be manufactured using quality stocks and inks. There are material options available for rigid set-up boxes, if you don’t know much about them, read up some articles on the internet or ask the printing provider for guidance.

Considering Cardboard Rigid Boxes

Packaging printed with cardstock is aesthetically pleasing and has a long shelf-life. Full color printing technique makes the boxes enrapturing and enduring. Presenting your product in the boxes made of cardboard would give it a striking outlook. You can have the packaging finished with raised ink, UV coating, embossing, window, and glossy/matte lamination.

Recyclable Packaging would Endorse your Stance for Greener Earth

Boxes printed with eco-friendly stock such as kraft paper would make them user-oriented and simple to recycle. If you want to contribute your brand’s share in saving the planet from lurking dangers of environmental pollution, biodegradable packaging is an ideal option. The boxes are light-weight which makes them super convenient to carry, handle and store.

Deciding on the Die-Cut Shape or Style

Rigid Packaging can be crafted in a layout you like, but make sure that the style you choose doesn’t make the custom product box a hassle to deal with for the consumers. If you want users to store the product within the packaging, it has to be effortless to handle. Ask the printer for suggestions and samples so that you can compare the different box shapes. Don’t select a packaging style without knowing for sure that it is best suited to your product and is likely to offer convenience to the consumers.

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Packaging that creates Urgency for Buying

You can make bundled items, limited-time discounted deals, and special offers worth buying using scintillating boxes. Themed or decorative packaging would attract the customers; they will feel enticed into the opening and knowing what is inside that coruscating box. When getting the boxes designed, involve your creative department and the graphics team of the printer for more artwork ideas.

Design details of your packaging matter for intriguing the buyers into completing their purchase. An interactive box artwork would aid with conveying the concept of your product astutely.

Dont’s of Printing Rigid Boxes

Packaging is like an introduction and first impression; you can either nail it or break it. So, make sure that the box provides a clear overview of the item and assists the shoppers with making an informed and calculated buying decision.

A common mistake that you can make when printing the boxes is not checking the text errors, so always ask for a packaging sample to suggest changes before getting your bulk order processed and printed. Avoid turning the box into an abstract piece of art by using too many customizations.

Tell the printer to get additional packaging items printed to make up for slight misprints or scratches. Custom product boxes must have a net weight of the item when packaged, manufacturing date/place, and time duration during which a cosmetic or eatable should be consumed. Packaging for breakable goods must have inserts to provide maximum protection on the shelves and during shipping. The protective inserts or dividers should be of a size that fit the products well.

List care cautions and simple to comprehend and follow usage instructions on the boxes especially for items that can have possible allergens.

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