How to Deal with Shoulder pain – Infographic

Shoulder pain is a common condition nowadays. More than 20% of adults have reported it. Approximately one percent of all adults each year see a specialist because of shoulder pain.

There are many possible causes of shoulder pain. Bad posture, for example, is a common cause, as is an injury from a bad fall or accident. It may also be caused by a heart attack, tendinitis, sprains, septic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, frozen shoulder, and dozens of other conditions.

Shoulder pain can make simple everyday activities torture, so it’s important to treat it as soon as it occurs.

Treating shoulder pain

The first thing your shoulder needs is rest. A good option is using a broad arm sling for the first few days. It will immobilize your arm and help ease the pain. According to health care professionals, most such injuries are caused by overuse of the shoulder.

Your doctor or physical therapist (UK: physiotherapist) can help speed up your recovery. There are some body movements and exercises designed specifically for people with shoulder pain.

Some home remedies for treating the pain include warm or cold compresses, painkillers, and muscle relaxants.

If you have tried home remedies and rested your shoulder, but the problem persists after four to six weeks, you should see your doctor.

If you want to learn more about how to deal with shoulder pain, check out this infographic by Kemper Medical.

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