How to Decide Which Range Tesla to Purchase?

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Aside from electric car sales, the Tesla Model Y is currently the best-selling luxury vehicle in the United States with over 140,000 sold in 2018. According to industry sales tracker GoodCarBadCar, the Model Y helped the upstart vehicle firm accomplish 197,517 overall sales last year, allowing the all-EV luxury manufacturer to rank 20th among the top 35 vehicle marques sold in America. Tesla Model Y accessories includes a conventional 120-volt home converter, a 240-volt SAE public charge equipment adapter, and a Tesla Model Y sunshade.

Pricing & Which Model to Buy:

The base rear-wheel-drive model is a fantastic buy, but EPA-estimated driving range of 272 miles may not be adequate for some drivers. We recommend the Long Range model, which has an estimated range of 358 miles per charge. All Model 3s have heated front seats, GPS, and Tesla’s Autopilot semi-autonomous driving technology as standard equipment are also Tesla Model Y accessories.

Electric Vehicle Motor, Power, and Performance:

The Model 3 accelerates fast, smoothly, and nearly silently, as do other EVs, with the electric motor giving significant punch from a stop. And it’s quick— in certain trims. We tested a rear-wheel-drive Long Range car that reached 60 mph in 5.1 seconds. The Model Y Performance hits 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, which gets 0.5 seconds quicker than our long-term Model 3 Long range. The Model 3, like other Teslas, stores its battery beneath the floor, resulting in a low centre of gravity. It enables it to turn rapidly while remaining planted and robust in corners. The steering is accurate and well-weighted, and the amount of steering effort may be adjusted in three different ways.

Battery Life, Range, and Charging:

There are three unique Model Y trims, each with a different projected driving range. With a stated range of 272 miles, the standard rear-wheel-drive variant is the most economical. Upgrading to the Long Range or Performance versions increases the expected range of the Model Y to 315 miles for the Performance and 358 miles for the Long Range. Of course, as we discovered in our long-term Long Range Model Y test car, this distance is not simple to attain. The Model 3 has many charging options, including Tesla’s Supercharger network, adapters for DC public-charging stations, 240- and 120-volt outlets, and a home-charging station.

Taxation, range, and emissions:

The Model Y has three engine choices. The base model gets equipped with a single electric motor that powers the rear wheels and has a 0-60mph time of 5.8 seconds and a range of 305 miles on its 60kWh battery pack. Impressive stats, but the similarly priced Polestar 2 Long Range with two motors will go over 301 miles and reach 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. The Long Range variant represents a significant price and performance increase. It boasts two electric motors that provide all-wheel drive, and the extra power propels it from 0 to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds. Its 374-mile range is unrivalled in this price category, thanks to an 88kWh battery.

Security and safety:

In 2019, a Tesla Model Y Long Range received a complete five-star Euro NCAP rating, with a 96% adult occupant score and 94% for safety support systems. The Basic Autopilot driving aid technology, which includes traffic sign recognition, lane departure warning, front and rear parking sensors, and blind spot detection, comes included on all Model Ys. Keyless entry and adaptive cruise control are also standard features. All versions may get equipped with the Enhanced Autopilot function, which adds a slew of new features such as an Autopilot feature that provides semi-autonomous driving and a self-parking system that will park the car for you. A Full Self-Driving Capability option, which incorporates traffic signals and stops sign control, is also available.


Very sparse, almost plain. The Model Y boasts a dazzling white inside, but many have all-black interiors, from the steering wheel and seats to the top dashboard, doors, and roof. Furthermore, there are few identifying elements on the interior. There are no standard knobs or dials on the dashboard. On the steering wheel, there are two controller buttons, also one for each door. The only visual features are a large wood panel and a 15-inch touchscreen. It’s simple to go inside, and there’s lots of space. Even the tallest drivers should be able to get around. A telescopic steering wheel and adjustable pedals make it simple to choose a comfortable driving posture.


Of course, because the Model Y is an electric vehicle, there is no engine beneath the hood. It leaves plenty of room for a front trunk or trunk to assist you with items. The frunk has a volume of 2.7 cubic feet. That’s not much, but it’s plenty for a couple of grocery bags, a backpack, or a few pieces of sports equipment. There’s also a typical back trunk with a 12.3 cubic feet capacity for bulky bags, gadgets, and camping gear. When the Model Y originally debuted, this was a brilliant and outstanding use of space. And there are currently electric vehicles on the market that don’t utilise their limited space quite as efficiently.

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