How to Deliver Dynamic Experiences with Adobe Target?


Customers adore the brands, products, and services that understand them and offer an exclusive ‘made-to-order’ for them. Personalization in customer experience is not a feature anymore but rather a prerequisite. Now, customer expectations are higher with the changing dynamics of digital behaviors, especially after the personalization delivered by Disney Hotstar, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, et cetera. Brands and marketers, especially those associated with an eCommerce business, need to personalize customer interactions for enhanced engagement with each touchpoint. With Adobe Target, brands can transform the experiences into personalized ‘Recommended For You’ for consumers based on their needs, expectations, behaviors, and sentiments. Adobe Target, a new-age solution for businesses, is reshaping the very fabric of customer experience (CX) in eCommerce.

Customer Expectations with Brands

Source: McKinsey & Company

A study conducted by McKinsey & Company has analyzed the change in consumer behavior over a period of time and found that consumer behavior is as dynamic as the market, where roughly around 80% of them liked the new behavior that they want to continue in the future too.

Earlier, loyalty was easier to gain, but with time, loyalty shakes up if the experience goes haywire sometimes. It is to be noted that the Gen Z, millennials, and high-income groups all have a similar intent to splurge, showing the influence is heavier on all income and age groups.

Brands need to understand that personalization is not limited to consumers, but brands also get repeat engagement, loyalty, and more revenue over the time in a customer lifecycle. They need to look for long-term growth by emphasizing customer lifetime value. Customers are clear about personalization; they want brands to recognize them, not the numbers. They adore the brands who know them at a personal level to build relationships.

Dynamic and Personalized Experiences

Customers crave personalized experiences with their changing expectations from brands. Whereas brands daily ingest huge amounts of customer data to be analyzed and used to deliver experiences tailored to their customers. Though dynamic and personalization are not interchangeable, a customized offering with dynamic content works in marketing automation. When brands use marketing automation platforms or tools like Adobe Target to deliver experiences crafted for individuals based on their data, demographics, and earlier engagements. The art of personalization draws a picture to bring customer expectations into reality.

Adobe ‘Target’ Customers with Bespoke Offerings

Personalization is a strategic use of customer insights, data, and new-age technologies blended into a unique solution to build personal relationships between brands and consumers.

Adobe Target is the Adobe Experience Cloud solution that empowers brands to deliver personalization and automation at scale in an agile and dynamic environment. With its endless capabilities, brands can outperform by delivering personalization to customers and adding value at each touchpoint.

  • Omnichannel personalization – Unified experiences across channels
  • A/B and multivariate testing – Built-in testing for each channel to ensure performance
  • AI-powered automation at scale – ‘Target’ personalization dynamically at scale with automation       

Adobe Target pushes brands to embark on the personalization strategy to dynamically update offerings in real-time along the customer buying journey with an automated solution.

Adobe Target makes the difference with Adobe Sensei

Adobe Target enables brands to offer dynamic personalization in real-time by experimenting with the content and relevant experience that amplifies the conversations, enhances the conversions, generates more revenue, and improves engagements through various channels in the digital landscape across a multitude of touchpoints.

Adobe Sensei, the trusted AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) technologies of Adobe are the brain behind these offerings that made the job easier for Adobe Target and subsequently for marketers and brands too. Adobe Sensei empowers Adobe Target with these capabilities on autopilot mode learned from customer behavior and other insights.

  • Auto-Allocate – Optimizes performance by allocating the best-performing variant to most users
  • Auto-Target – Provides “always-on” optimization with ML to elevate campaigns
  • Automated Personalization – Analysis and random forest evaluation to target offers and messaging at the personal level
  • Personalization Insights Reports – Analysis of customer insights and targeted offerings to tap the ‘untapped’
  • Personalized Recommendations – Sophisticated algorithms for personalized recommendations based on various attributes and analysis  

Personalization is ubiquitous; Adobe Target, powered with Adobe Sensei, bridges the gap between humans and technology to create a contextual, personalized experience.

Dynamic Experiences with Adobe Target

Customer choices and expectations vary; that’s where the role of Adobe Target for marketers turns essential. Believe it; customers have more choices, information access, and an understanding of what it used to be. Engaging experiences are difficult to deliver, yet not impossible. Adobe Target Recommendations enables brands to survive and thrive in changing customer preferences and dynamics.

The New User-Based Recommendations algorithm of Adobe Target enables brands to craft a personalized “Recommended For You” experience customized to each customer based on their unique behaviors and personality attributes. It is ahead of conventional personalization as “favorite category,” “Similar Product with other brands,” “People who viewed this, also viewed,” “Last viewed brand,” or similar ones. Adobe Target uses a sophisticated algorithm, unlike other previous ways. 

  • Uses a ‘Keyless’ approach that counts user’s all recent viewing and purchasing behaviors
  • Recommendations are updated dynamically as the user navigates and hovers on the site
  • Returning user gets recommendations based on the most recent past visit that changes as they browse

 Let’s have a look over the tactics to be used by brands to deliver dynamic experiences.

eCommerce and retailers

  • Use the Homepage to offer personalized product recommendations with ‘User-Based Recommendations’ added next to the ‘Recently Viewed Items’ tray to users can hop on to the already explored products, services, or offerings
  • Add ‘User-Based Recommendations’ to cart or checkout pages to increase Average Order Value (AOV) and upsell

B2B lead generation and services

  • Add ‘User-Based Recommendations’ on the Homepage or landing page for personalized content recommendations.
  • Add ‘User-Based Recommendations’ on the article or blog next to the ‘People Who Viewed This, Viewed That’ content prompt.

These are a few of those tactics that can transform the way brands used to interact with their customers to offer personalization at scale.

Final Words

Personalization is essential for brands that work as a force multiplier at various levels in the customer buying journey and revenue generation. A necessity for businesses of all sizes and scales, personalization is the game changer to elevate the customer’s lifetime value by transforming the experience at large. And getting it ‘right’ is as crucial as offering it; brands need to have a digital commerce agency to multifold their efforts before stepping into the dynamic, personalized experiences.

But how can brands manage all? Let a leading and experienced Adobe-certified agency that brings its unparalleled Adobe Target expertise in strategic consultation, implementation, integration, migration, optimization, and support to transform the user experience.

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