How To Develop Creativity For Your Business In Simple Steps

In business, creativity is the ability to see an original idea and monetize it. Creativity can be developed by improving specific parameters and doing special exercises. Anyway, there is the fact that all people are creative, but each person develops different components of creativity. To determine what component you need to improve, start with the simple writing practice.

First Step: Writing Practice

Think of several situations where you’ve had to think of something new and you didn’t know where to start. It could be any process or activity from how to replace a missing ingredient in a recipe, to choosing a gift for your mother. Now write these situations down on a sheet and read on. This activity seems to be quite simple, but it helps you to determine in what situations you need creativity at most.

The Exercises To Develop Your Creativity

Exercises for the development of creativity don’t require any special knowledge. They are simple, sometimes even too simple, and are needed more to awaken your creativity. For example, to improve your flexibility try the exercise “associative matrix”. To begin with, determine the keyword for the search for ideas. Next, take the completed version of the matrix. In each column, we identified some property (size, time, appearance, material, etc.) and gave examples of words related to this property (but not to the word “care”). Combining your keyword with each word in the column, write down the idea that occurs at the junction of the two words. There may be more than one answer per word pair. You’ll end up with at least 25 completely different ideas grouped around the five main criteria in the table when you work with the 5-by-5 matrix.

Anyway, it is just a simple exercise to pump your creativity.

In conclusion, try to incorporate all the exercises you do in your everyday life. Put yourself in situations where it’s impossible not to rock your creativity and communicate with like-minded people. This way you can confirm and enrich your experience. During the habit-forming stage, communication is very important. So, apply your skills, and that way you get a sense of the benefits of discovering tools for creativity. And you’ll be able to come up with both gifts and ingredients for recipes and things that have been written out on your worksheet since step one.

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