How to disguise unsightly items with decoration pipes?

We all want our homes to look the best, especially when we have guests coming over. However, many aspects of our homes, such as pipes take away all the glamour from the room and make it look bad. 

Fortunately, with LESSO home decoration pipes, we can now easily hide those items and make our rooms look great again. If you’re not sure how to do that, read on. In this article, we will discuss different ways to disguise unsightly items with decoration pipes. 

1- Invest in decoration pipes

As we’ve mentioned above LESSO offers pipes that can be used in water supply and electric wiring protection while still making your room look great. You can choose from a wide range of pipes, including PP-R water pipe and fittings, PP-R aluminum composite pipe, bicolor PP-R water pipe and PVC conduit. The best part is that all the parts are tested rigorously for quality and long-lasting. 

2- Make a Shelf

Yet another great way to disguise unsightly items is converting them into a shelf. All you need to do is purchase a few wooden planks and some brackets to create a shelf. You can then put books, artificial plants, or other decorative items to hide the pipe and make your wall look great again. 

3- Make them Useful

You don’t always need to hide those pipes to decorate your home. Instead, you can use them to give an industrial feel. For example, in the kitchen, you can use the pipes to hang pots or cooking utensils from them. 

Similarly, you can use the pipes on your walls and ceilings to create an oasis by installing air plants. 

4- Create a curtain

If you are good with stitching, it’s time to switch on your creativity and create a curtain around the pipes. You can use cross knit fabric to make the curtain look great while still hiding the pipe behind it. 

When it comes to color, you should pick the fabric that matches your wall’s color. This will ensure it blends properly with the room. You can consider creating at least two curtains so when one is in for washing, you can put up the another. 

5- Paint a Mural

If you are good with paintbrush, it’s time to get your creative mind to paint the pipe in a way that it makes it beautiful. You can even take help from your kids who probably can help you with great ideas. Additionally, design tapes can help you glamorize the pipes with minimal efforts. 

If you are looking for ideas, you can create floral designs, stripes, zig-zags, and other patterns to make the pipes worth looking. 

6- Modular Blocks

If you want to completely hide the pipes, you can invest in good-quality modular blocks. It will help you conceal the pipes and make your room look amazing. You can even consider watching modular block ideas on Google to ensure you design it in the best possible way. 

7- Box the Pipes

If you have a single, lone pipe running up the corner of the room, this idea is for you. You can create a wooden box around it. You can then paint the wood to ensure it blends with your room. However, make sure to design the box in a way that it can be opened when required. This will make maintenance easier and effective. 

8- Turn Pipes Into Side Tables or Cat Trees

If you have a cat, this idea will work wonders for you. You can use the pipes to create scratching posts for your cats or even into big cat trees. Not only this will make your guests amazed, but it will also give you more relaxing feeling. Besides, your cat will love you for a new place for him/her. 


No one likes big pipes running across the home. However, with minor tweaks here and there, you can easily enhance your home’s décor and amaze your visitors. We’ve highlighted the best ideas for hiding pipes and even using them to your advantage. If you’ve used any other way to hide the pipes, let us know in the comment section. 

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