How To DIY Dyer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning; How to Do It like A Pro

Clogged dryer vents are attributed as the main cause of house fires. You do not have to be added to the statistics of the homeowners affected by fires caused by dirty dryer vents. Note that even if this does not happen to you, dirt vents will force you to pay more on energy bills and waste your time.

Clogged dryer vents do not work as expected because dirt, debris, and lint does not allow the parts to operate well and air to get through. These elements also limit the lifespan of your dryer. To keep your dryer vent working properly and avoid some of the issues that result from dirt dryer vents, you should opt for dryer vent cleaning. If you do not want to hire a professional, here is how to DIY.

  1. Take Out And Clean The Lint Filter

The rule of the thumb is that you need to clean the lint filter before loading your laundry. Start the process and get rid of any debris or lint so it does not find its way into the vents.

  1. Vacuum The Lint Trap

Remove the vacuum and connect the long hosepipe and vacuum the trap cage. Use the flexible brush to make sure every dirty is knocked down and blow away. Make sure you also take the brush to the bottom so that to get rid of any extra lint that might have dropped there.

  1. Disconnecting The Duct

You need to first tur off the gas valve before unplugging the dryer. After disconnecting the duct joint, move the dryer a distance from the wall.

  1. Vacuum The Duct

In the duct cleaning kit you got from the store, you will see a duct brush head. Attach this to the flexible fiberglass shart and insert the brush in the duct in rotational moves to remove the dirt in the vent. You can add more shafts to get rid of the lint that is far in the vent.

  1. Connect The Ductwork And Dryer

To complete the dryer vent cleaning process, reattach the dryer to the ductwork. In addition, you should plug it back and place the dryer into its original position in your room. Test to see if the dryer operates more optimally than before the dryer vent cleaning exercise.

  1. What Are The Warning Signs Of A Dirty Dryer?

Depending on the warning signs, you may need to carry out dryer vent cleaning or dryer vent repair in Toronto. It all depends on the magnitude of the issue.

When you see the following warning signs, clean your dryer vent:

  • Your laundry room feels humid
  • Your laundry room has an odor of a burnt thing
  • After drying your clothes, they are normally very hot than normal. This is usually a sign that your dryer is overheating due to lint accumulation.
  • When you switch on your dryer, it feels very hot.
  • Your dryer’s vent flaps do not function normally or fail to open altogether.

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