How to download Instagram reels like a breeze? 3 best tools revealed

How to download Instagram reels

After saving inspiring Instagram reels to your devices, you never have to worry that the creators will delete them someday. Don’t know how to download Instagram reels? This article reveals the easiest and fastest way. Ready to discover a new way to download? 

Why can’t I download reels directly from Instagram?

Since Instagram launched the reel feature, watching IG reels is a good way to entertain in your free time. Sometimes you come across an interesting video and want to download it immediately. However, Instagram doesn’t allow you to save those reels to your device. Do you know why Instagram does that?  

  1. Content control: By keeping tight control over content, Instagram can ensure that Reels content is viewed only through their app. This gives them more control over how users interact with and share content.
  2. Generating website and App traffic: Instagram wants to maintain its website and app traffic by keeping users on its platform to view Reels content. Downloading videos can reduce website and application traffic.
  3. Advertising and earnings: Instagram can place ads on their platform and make money from them. If users can download Reels videos, they can avoid seeing ads on the app and create lost income opportunities for Instagram.

Instagram is a big social networking platform that millions of young people love to use. It’s where people share everything about their lives and follow their friends, and celebrities that they look up to.  Instagram Reels download has become a need of many users. 

How to download Instagram reels?

Instagram reels videos

There are two popular ways that help you download IG reels quickly and safely. What are they? 

Using an online Instagram reel downloader

Online Instagram reel downloaders provide tools to download videos without installing anything on your device. All you need is to open the website and copy then paste the Instagram link to the toolbar. That’s very easy. 

Using an app to download IG reels

Using apps to download reel videos is more comfortable for people who are on smartphones. They can copy the link of that video from Instagram paste it into the app and save videos to camera roll. The steps are also simple. Moreover, several apps also allow you to repost videos to other social media with one tap only. 

Best tools to download Instagram reels

Here is some software that can be used to download Reels videos from Instagram quickly. Please consider the technique before using it and comply with the copyright and privacy policies.

1. Snapinsta

 Snapinsta Reels video download 

SnapInsta offers an Instagram reels download tool for any hypothetical device such as a phone, using iOS and Android software. SnapInsta is available on both web-based and app versions. 

What makes SnapInsta stand out is its speed. It can download Instagram reel videos in just 2 seconds. Moreover, it is free to use anytime, anywhere. Thanks to its wonderful process, reels IG videos are downloaded in HD or 4K quality, and users can take advantage of those videos for study/marketing resources. 

2. SaveGram

Savegram reels downloader

Savegram is a popular tool that allows you to download videos from various sources, including Instagram. You just need to paste the video into the software, and then you can choose the video format and quality you want to download.

3. DreDown

This multi-app website allows downloading videos from various sources, including Instagram. You can paste the linked Video Scrolls into the web page to perform the download.

The pros and cons of using third-party software to download

Using third-party software to download Reels videos from Instagram can have some advantages, but it also comes with some risks and limitations:


  1. Easy Downloading: Third-party software often provides an easy-to-use interface and integrates a download function, making it easy for users to get Reels videos without technical knowledge.
  2. Offline storage: By downloading Reels videos, you can store your favorite content on your device for viewing when there is no internet connection.
  3. Easy sharing: Downloading Reels videos via third-party software allows you to share this content with others without sharing via Instagram.

Risks and limitations

  1. Piracy: Downloading and sharing Reels videos that you did not create may violate the intellectual property rights and copyrights of the content creators.
  2. Security and malware: Using third-party software can present security and malware risks. Some untrusted applications can take advantage of this to infect your computer or steal your personal information.

Therefore, be careful when choosing a downloader to save Instagram reels. 

In conclusion

Instagram Reel download software has significantly benefited users by helping them save memorable moments from the reel feature. However, the use of online tools should be in compliance with Instagram’s regulations to protect the rights and respect of content creators.  If you find this article useful, please share it on social networking sites for your friends to know.