How to download YouTube playlists to your PC in MP3 format?

If there is something we all do at some point in our day, it is listening to a good song that we like, an entire album or simply let a random list play on YouTube or Spotify. However, there is a simple way in which we can simply download the entire list to your computer without paying and without having to download programs on your computer.

One of the main advantages of having music downloaded is that we can play it even without having internet access and one of the best advantages of the MP3 format is that it does not take up too much space. In fact, this is why this format has become the standard since the appearance of the first iPod, which was capable of storing thousands of songs on a single device, which was completely revolutionary for the music industry.

Customizing the soundtrack of your life today is even easier, since devices have more storage capacity than ever before and each time they have more space. Without further ado, this is the best way to download YouTube music playlists to your PC in MP3 format.

Download playlists with Ontiva

This first option allows you to download both videos and music in MP3, as well as other formats such as WAV and OGG: the only disadvantage is that you will not be able to download YouTube playlists directly. Although this does not have to stop you, when you listen to a song on YouTube that you like, you can save the videos by clicking on the corresponding button at the bottom of each video.

Every time you save a video, a playlist will be created with them, but then you can visit them one by one directly and download them with Ontiva. This method allows you to customize your playlist directly on your PC. You just have to copy the URL of the video, paste it in the search bar, click on start now, select the format and quality and start downloading the audio.

Being a converter, Ontiva will extract the audio from any video and convert it into any format you have chosen, including the WAV format, ideal for disassembling the tracks in online programs such as Evano or other applications to work with sound files, or in MP3 of high or low quality, depending on if you want to create large playlists in your devices or if you want to gain more space available. 

Download playlists directly with MP3 Download

The operation of this software is very similar to the one mentioned above, since you can convert YouTube videos to MP3 by practically following the same steps. However, unlike Ontiva, it is much more specialized in what would be the extraction of audio from YouTube videos, which has a number of advantages.

The most obvious and the one that concerns us for this article is the fact that with MP3 Download you can directly download YouTube playlists. To do this, however, you must have a registered account, which is quite simple and does not ask you to register any payment method, which in itself is an advantage.

When you have registered, you can copy the link of a default YouTube playlist, put it in the search bar, click on Search and the program will do the rest for you: it will search all the videos, analyze them and then ask you to select the export format and quality. Once you have done all this process, each of the songs will be saved on your computer and from then on, start building your playlists for each occasion.

Your music without interruptions

Although there are currently many services with which you can listen to music from the cloud, in some cases even for free, the problem occurs when you have to go to a place where you cannot access the internet. During long car trips, for example, where it is convenient to have a good playlist that allows you to enjoy staying awake and alert on the road, or simply allows you to enjoy the road better.

Or if you go camping and want to take a piece of your life apart from the necessary implements to survive or in any other situation in which you can think of where you cannot have access to the internet, but still wish you could listen to music during long sessions.

Previously, our parents and grandparents enjoyed music in a much more traditional way, with the famous vinyl records or music cassettes that they carried everywhere and that gave a bit more mysticism to the albums of that time. The internet has simplified many things, but it will never be possible to eliminate the need for human beings to relax our minds with our favorite melodies and thanks to services such as those mentioned above, it is possible to continue enjoying it even offline.

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