How To Dress For Cycling In Summer

In the summer, cycling is a different adventure altogether. The warmth, with the longer days, has most people riding at ease, although sometimes on guard due to fluctuations in the weather. It is essential to be prepared for any turn in the weather, whether it be too much sun rain, or wind you ride into this summer.

You must don adaptable summer gear with thin layering or clothes that you can easily add to or remove from, depending on the weather conditions. You should know summer mornings are quite colder at high altitudes. The downside is the weather can change in a minute, and you can soon be at the mercy of the elements.

Your choice should drift more towards lightweight material that can easily wick sweat away from the body, so you can keep riding without feeling sticky and sweaty. These materials have the added advantage of aiding the passage of air through them so that you can cool down as conditions get more favorable.

In this summer guide to your cycling gear, we will take you through some essentials to keep comfortable in this hot weather or the occasional rain, such as cycling base layers. Keep reading to find out more!

Essentials For Summer Cycling

  • A Cycling Jersey

A short-sleeve cycling jersey of lightweight material is a summer essential if you are going to be riding successfully through the heat. What you need is a good jersey with some wide breathing pores for ventilation that can keep you cool using your generated airflow. Look for a summer jersey with even more lightweight material to stay secure, come whatever weather extremities. This is so that you can make use of the layering earlier mentioned.

You must remember that your layering skills are essential to enjoy successful electric bike trips outside your comfort zone. This will help you retain heat for chilly weather and come off easily when you need to cool down for hotter weather. Try layering up with some arm warmers and a gilet that you can easily fold into one of your pockets. Use one of the pockets that commonly come with jerseys, it should be able to contain your stuff if you are geared light.

  • A Baselayer

A base layer in this context is quite different from the winter baselayer. A summer baselayer serves to wick the sweat away from your body as you go through the motions of riding. Look for a mesh baselayer made from very lightweight material that can help keep you cool and dry, so you can enjoy more comfortable rides. It should be able to wick the sweat away from your body as you ride, and this is best achieved using sleeveless baselayers that work well with tight apparel.

There is more than one fabric base layer made, but our recommendation for your riding pleasure this summer would be to acquire a cheap one made from synthetic, lightweight fabric. The added advantage of using this synthetic type of fabric is that it can dry much quicker than others, whether on or off your body.

  • Some Cycling Shorts

Your cycling shorts are another essential that should be part of your top priorities when preparing to embark on your summer ebike adventures. In cycling shorts, there are two main options available to go with. You could wear waist shorts or bib shorts. Bib shorts are those with straps over the shoulders holding the pants in place. Depending on your preference, you could go with either. Bib shorts, however, are the more practical option, and lightweight material should be looked out for.

Your shorts should be made from much thinner material than is usual for shorts. This, together with some other little things like a perforated saddle pad to reduce dampness, is what you should look out for in cycling shorts.

  • A Gilet

A gilet is your ideal buddy for summer riding mainly because it is your best line of defense against changing weather. If you think the weather could be changing very soon and you are riding unpredictable mountainous terrain, a gilet is useful for giving you that nice extra layer of comfort against winds and cold weather.

A gilet is a sleeveless full-length, preferably of lightweight material, that can be adjusted for use with the zip. It should protect your core like a jacket would.

  • A Wind/Waterproof Jacket

A jacket of light, waterproof material is needed, especially for when you go riding in unpredictable weather. It offers protection to your light inner garments from getting drenched from the outside.

This jacket is usually made of technical fabric meant to increase breathability. The drawback here might be the cost, which is the price you pay to get the best and most ideal protection that leaves you dry without feeling clammy inside your jacket.

  • Cap/Sunglasses

Caps and sunglasses serve the same purpose to an extent – they protect your head and eyes from the harsh effects of the sun. Your head does not have to be blazing hot under the summer sun, get a cap and maybe soak it in a little water before riding to keep cool. Your sunglasses provide UV protection, so make sure they are a comfortable pair.

These are cycling essentials to include with other items for your comfort and protection, such as mitts, light mesh socks, and knee warmers.

In Conclusion

It is a good idea to be prepared if you are going to be out partaking in the biking activities of the summer. Our list here covers most of the essentials you need to make your riding in the summer something to remember. If you need more, feel free to add at your discretion. The important thing is that you are adequately equipped for whatever the elements may throw at you as you go riding in the frequently fluctuating conditions of summer weather. Remember to have fun and stay hydrated.

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