How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

To truly succeed you must learn how to drive traffic to your blog. This is the most important task of anyone trying to make money online. Before you try anything else, make sure that you can drive traffic to your blog consistently.

There are plenty of secrets in the blogging world that are never revealed. It’s time to be honest with you and show you what works. You should start today and use these proven strategies for driving quality traffic to your blog as compiled by Discount Domains.

Understand your audience

If you’re having a hard time attracting visitors to your blog, the problem may not be your content. Behind every blog audience lurks a “blogger mindset”–a shared set of demographics, concerns, and values.

To understand and connect with your target audience, look underneath the surface of who the person is, into what he or she does. This might sound obvious, but it’s surprising how often this perspective is lost in all the excitement about blogging. Discovering the hidden dimensions of your blog audience will help you win readers’ trust and drive traffic to your blog.

Write about topics people are searching for 

A lot of bloggers write about topics they are passionate about rather than topics people are searching for in Google.  My number 1 tip to drive traffic to your blog: Write about themes people are searching for. For example, if you write about career advancement in a corporate environment, very few people might read it, even if you’ve written the best article or post of all time.

If you write about how to meet men in New York City, there are tons of people searching for material on that topic and they would love for you to provide answers. Begin researching other people’s highly popular articles on your niche and figure out why they are so popular. Don’t think too much about it; just write with the natural voice that comes from inside you.

People will come to your blog when they are interested in a topic you’ve covered. Prioritize SEO and research topics people are searching for to drive traffic to your blog.

Generate ideas from useful comments

Do you ever find yourself struggling to come up with blog post ideas? I know I do from time to time. There’s actually a simple solution: read the comments of your recent blog posts. You’ll probably be surprised at how powerful and valuable they are for getting great ideas!

A useful comment on an existing article can inject new ideas and concepts into your mind. Your blog (and life) will be all the better for it!

Write on topics with in-depth content

Just like the quality of your blog post, both its title and introduction has to be attractive as well. You have to make even the readers who visit your blog for the first time read it till the end. This is not as easy as it sounds because you have to plan a strategy before posting any content about a blog on the web.

  • Pick a topic that attracts visitors.
  • Follow every point with facts, statistics or experiences.
  • Sketch out your own observation

You should write in-depth content for your blog articles because readers will get more information from those. They later share it with their third party contacts, which bring back traffic to your site. Readers often choose their loyal source for getting relevant information over other sites simply because they think they provide quality, authoritative and in-depth content.

Get an experienced copywriter (who may not be you)

It’s never been more important to have a writer at the helm of your blog who can craft content that drives traffic so you can make your blog into an income-generating machine.

Here’s why a qualified copywriter will give your blog some punch.

  • They do their own research instead of just relying on what’s in your bio. Copywriters love to dig up amazing stories about you.
  • They study success stories that relate to your business. And they make sure your story has the same structure and style. Basically, they make it look like you.
  • Copywriters write more compelling sales copy than you could ever dream of coming up with alone.
  • Publishers use copywriters all the time, so your work will sound professional from the start and appeal to a wide audience (even if it’s not always grammatically correct).
  • Copywriters create headlines that go viral and catch attention.

Focus on producing long-form content

It’s not a coincidence that your favorite blogs write lengthy articles with compelling headlines. Lengthy content and meaty headlines are the secrets to building traffic and sales quickly, but many times people mistake it for something else. A lot of people focus on getting short, catchy headlines that will “hook” a visitor into clicking on an article – but in reality, that’s the wrong strategy.

The real winners when it comes to content marketing are blogs that produce long-form, valuable articles (2,000 words or more). It’s the long-form content that people not only read, but share, re-post and talk about. This type of content makes people fall in love with your blog.

Boost important posts with internal links

It’s simple. Boosting important posts with internal links is something that Google loves – The more links you have to the same page, the more it considers that webpage as significant.

If your blog is new or updated frequently, it’s likely that you have not yet reached ‘significant’ status in Google. By increasing the number of links to a certain post, you help Google to understand what your content is about and which posts are most important. 

Build an email list

If you are an entrepreneur, online publisher, or just have a blog that attracts some traffic you need to start building your own email list.

Email is one of the most precious resource in marketing. It’s more than just an opportunity to share content and get people interested in your brand or product idea, it is a way to start engaging with a community of people who will be interested in what you are creating. Not only do you want to build your own list for this reason, but also because you can then sell them products and services through your email newsletter.

If you have built up enough trust within your community then they will beat on the doors of your website, whether it’s through social media postings, emails or direct contacts.


Driving tremendous amounts of traffic to your blog is the backbone of a successful business. You want to be able to tap into a never-ending source of visitors so you can build authority, sell products and services and even recruit customers in an almost effortless fashion. It’s not difficult to generate a significant audience for your latest blog post if you know what you’re doing by following the helpful tips above.

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