How To Earn Money As A Blogger via Social Media

More and more people are deciding to work online to earn money every day; one method to achieve this is through a blog. Being your own employer helps you to balance your personal and professional life, and there is nothing quite like it. 

How To Start Your Own Blog? 

Today people blog about everything, what you need to do is figure out your niche and pick a name that would accurately describe it. What we mean by that is picking a specific topic within a bigger broader topic. This way your readers will have a clearer idea as to what they will be reading when visiting your blog. 

Once you do that, you can focus on doing some research and investing money in your own hosting and domain. The best platform for blogging is WordPress, for this reason, it is best you get WordPress optimized hosting.

How To Expand Your Blog?

In order to make more money you need to expand your blog. There are few ways to make this happen. You already have chosen a niche, created and designed your website, now it is time to start thinking about making money. One of the best ways to make money is by building an email list for your very own blog. 

When people are visiting your blog and reading they will be nudged to sign up to your mailing list through a pop-up box. The goal is to encourage them to sign up and hear from you by using an incentive, such as: blog content packages, early blog post access, etc. 

Email marketing is one way of reaching out to new readers and keeping existing readers interested. The goal is to have new and repeat readers so your blog is more profitable. Keep in mind there are other marketing ways such as social media.

How To Generate More Money With The Help Of Social Media? 

Utilize social media to its fullest and use it as a broadcasting platform! You can write product reviews for sponsors, sell ad placements, and even sell products. All of which can be promoted on your social media. Social media is a crucial medium through which you can communicate with both your audience and trademarks.

Product reviews – this is a no brainer, the way you can do this is by reaching out to your favorite brands and products asking them to write a review for their product. This is a great way to promote your blog and earn extra money by writing about a product that you already know, own, and are satisfied with. You can share your blog in instagram, as well as photos, videos, and stories promoting the product and at the same time your blog. You can use social media, Instagram, to communicate with your audience. 

Advertisement placements – selling ad placements has been a good money maker for many businesses now. If you have a  high-traffic blog this is a great option for you since it will be generating money even in months when you are not posting. This is where social media is extremely helpful, you can use it to share and reshare blog posts and encourage your followers to check out your blog. Thus generating more traffic. 

Selling Products – If you have a blog that is well expended and a good social media following across platforms you can start creating and selling your own products. For example, if you are writing about digital marketing, web design, etc. You can write about your products and share them on your social media nudging  followers to buy. 


The Internet is much more competitive now but you can use this to your own advantage. The potential income is higher now that individuals are less reluctant to make purchases online, but it’s also more challenging to stand out. If you want to earn money as a blogger you need to put yourself out there, post frequently and consistently. Make use of social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat to promote your blog and your products to generate traffic and make money. Hard work and patience is key.  

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