How to earn money on providing SIM cards for SMS verification

Mobile and computer technology are evolving faster, making sophisticated ways of making money online available to everyone. This also applies to selling SIM cards to other people. Just a few years ago, this opportunity was only available to those who had special knowledge and expensive equipment. Today, however, everyone can try his or her hand in this sphere, since it does not require knowledge of various software codes, as well as large investments at the initial stage. This led to the growing popularity of this way of earning in different parts of the world.

Explaining the process

The process is simple, it can be explained in one sentence. People connect their SIM cards to specialized platforms. The platforms are used by other people who pay to receive codes from various online applications. Those who want to join the provider side must have two things.

The first is a SIM card. They can be from any current country. The only prerequisite is that they must be active and able to receive SMS. To start earning money, you need to connect to a server so that other people can use them to get verification codes. This is done with the help of special equipment.

Next, one more thing is needed: a GSM modem or GoIP gateway. These types of equipment are designed to work in wireless networks, which are based on subscriptions. After the SIM card is installed, the equipment connects to the provider. In the provider’s network, the computer becomes like a cell phone. Incoming data fully displays the verification code or text received.

 All equipment is differentiated by the number of ports and slots (from 1 to 64 and 1024). The first reflects how many SIM cards can be active at the same time, the second determines the value of their load. If the SIM-card is from a country that is in high demand, you must use equipment with at least 16 ports and 64 slots.

Benefits of being a SIM cards provider

Since providing SIM cards for receiving verification codes from various apps is one of the methods to earn money remotely it includes several relevant benefits. Among them:

  • Unlimited profit. Demand for virtual phone numbers always exceeds the supply. Your earnings depend only on how many new SIM cards are provided daily and do not have a limit respectively.
  • Remote work. For providers it is not necessary to go anywhere. All the required items including hardware can be placed at his home while necessary system configurations as well as payouts are made online.
  • No language barriers. It doesn’t matter at all if you are coming from the US, China, India or any other place in the world. There are buyers for SIM cards from any country.

In addition, it doesn’t take too much time every day. After connection and setup the provider has to only change SIM cards on the hardware from time to time.

How to get it started

When everything is prepared for use, you need to start looking for these services and agree to cooperate. There are many options.  Each platform has a number of users, this affects the amount of payments. 

SMS-Man has been working in this field for several years and during this time has built up a large user base. They are always willing to buy new SIM cards in large numbers. Specialists will remotely perform all the necessary settings within an hour. If you have several SIM cards and simple equipment, you can start earning today.

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