How to Enhance Your Workout Performance?


Let’s be honest; not all workouts are incredibly productive or exciting. Some days, you’ll be as excited as going on an adventure, but some days, you’ll become as lazy as you’re during your weekends. But eventually, you need to move, sweat, eat and repeat to get desired results.

Smart work is always better than hard work; the same applies to your workout performance too. Your training, eating, recovery – all should be apt to maximise your fitness gains.

But how? Let’s sort it out. Before all else, incorporate green tea into your diet. Green tea has amazing health benefits; one perk is it increases your metabolism, which adds more fuel to your body.

Next what? Continue reading the blog, as we’ve listed down seven tips that will help you enhance your workout performance. Whether you’re building muscles or losing fat, these tips will hasten your progress.

  1. Get Proper Sleep, Food And Water:

While performing the workout, you’re challenging your body. By this, we mean you’ll be doing intense workouts to shape or tone your body or build muscles. Remember, if you don’t exert yourself, you’ll never get desired outcomes. For that, you need sufficient sleep, healthy food and plenty of water.

Yes, the food we eat, the rest we obtain, and the fluids we drink impact our workout sessions. If you don’t get these things right consistently, you’ll become flat as roadkill during or after a workout session.

So, make sure you’ve green veggies, a healthy diet, lots of water and proper eight hours of sleep in a day. Be a master to these three, and your energy will be like a boss.

  1. Set Clear Workout Goals:

Success requires a definite goal! If you want better outcomes, you should set your training goal. Simply getting into the gym and doing some reps is like wandering without knowing your destination. Therefore, set long-term, medium-term and short-term goals for every workout and every day.

So, before you head to your gym the next time, contemplate what you want to do. Do you want to increase your body weight? Or lose weight? Or build muscles. They will be long-term goals. Accordingly, set your medium-term and short-term goals. For instance, if you want to lose weight, then decide in 5 months you’ll reduce 5 kgs (will be your medium-term goal). And what will you do today (will be your short-term goal).

Remember, working out without a goal is like heading for an unknown journey without a Google map. There’s no pre-determined time to reach your destination. Setting goals escalates your focus as well as determination. So, make sure you set your workout goals.

  1. Fuel Your Body Before Workout:

If you find yourself pressurizing your body to get productive throughout your workouts, you can pick up your energy instantly. The ages-old coffee is known to boost energy. However, today’s generation sips in pre-workout products to increase their energy levels. As well, muscle pumps and metal focus.

Plenty of energy boosters are designed to render you nurtured energy for about 60-90 minutes. Also, incorporate green tea or black tea (learn which is better) in your diet to stay healthy. Remember, losing weight (only if it’s your goal) means sticking to an 80% diet and 20% workout rule.

Coming back to our point, choose your pre-workout drink and sip in to be productive in the gym and accomplish your set goals.

  1. Get A Training Partner:

Well, nothing is wrong with working out alone. But sometimes, this makes it easy to lose your energy while working out or diverting your goals. Having a partner will help you stay motivated and give your 1,000 per cent to achieve your goals. Also, a partner will boost your productivity, resulting in better results.

Finding a gym partner who can challenge you as a rival can add fun to your training game. The attitude of winning will help you stay focused on your goals, pushing you to achieve them. Also, it’s a two-way street – what they do for you, do the same for them. This way, you both will be able to kill two birds with one stone.

  1. Change Your Gym Outfits Regularly:

The most undeniable fact of life is, you feel good when you look good. Let’s visualise – you’re wearing your night-suits for your night out; are you feeling confident? Similarly, while working out, you need your gym outfit.

Pamper yourself with new leggings, t-shirts, tank tops, sneakers and shorts. It may sound amusing, but several studies have shown that a person looks confident when the person looks good. And that has a positive impact on the way the person performs. So, buy cool gym outfits and pump up yourself with them.

  1. Gym With The Music:

Music, one of the reasonable therapies, improves our mood, self-confidence and quality of life. It has the power to make our mood happy, sad, angry or whatever we want to. It also forces us to get up and groove. That’s why you should work out listening to good music.

Some gym plays may not push you or motivate you. However, you can make your own playlist that will switch on your “I Can Do” mode. And listen to it while working out. It will definitely boost your confidence, helping you to accomplish your set goals.

  1. Don’t Miss Warming Up And Cooling Down:

Last but not least, warm up, as well as cool down! They are the main parts of the workout that really counts. They increase your workout performance; also helps with recovery with exercise. As well, it’s safe and productive.

For the warm-up, you can include jogging, stretching or slow cycling on a bike. It preps up the cardiovascular system. It is done by escalating the blood flow of your muscles and increasing your body temperature. On the other hand, it lowers down the risk of getting injured, reducing muscle soreness.

Furthermore, cooling down helps to gradually decrease your heart rate and blood pressure to the normal level. Because your heart pumps a way higher than it generally does, it needs to calm down. Cooling down exercises, like slow jogging, helps to reduce the pace of your heart rate.

Don’t Lose Hope!

Gyming to get the body that you want is a challenging task. In the middle, you may feel like giving up. But, always remember – you can do it! As said earlier, the workout is 20% of your goals. Rest 80% is a proper and healthy diet. Therefore, say NO to junk and preserve food; also, hydrate and sleep properly.

One more thing, incorporate any healthy tea like, Assam tea; it does many amazing things in our body. It will help you reach your goals. Happy gyming!

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