How to Enter the $100M Market of Facebook Accounts

Why People buy Facebook Accounts and What you Should Know

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you speak about Facebook accounts? In most cases, people will say that it is something related to a Facebook user page with some content. It is a true statement. But all these accounts today have value.

Exactly the same value as real assets in an offline world: cars, real estate, valuables, etc. Sounds crazy? Not at all. The Facebook social network itself is a 2B audience resource with a huge database of prospective customers across the globe.

As marketers, developers, and enterprises have started their battle for a Facebook user the market of Facebook accounts for sale has risen. Now imagine, some of these accounts have prices ranging from $0.01 to $1000 per account. Surprised? There is no magic at all, it is just demand and supply relation.

Who needs Facebook accounts in bulk

As of 2020, the market of social media accounts has a 100M turnover. There are many professionals, teams, and companies that need facebook accounts in bulk. But who are these people and what do they buy the accounts for?

Advertisers and Marketing companies. These teams are specialized in advertising on Facebook. They run ad campaigns in order to obtain a greater reach on social media. However, they face various obstacles:

  • Ad limitation and restrictions;
  • Products and services that are restricted;
  • Balance limitation;
  • Banhammer

As marketers face these obstacles, they experience demand in Facebook accounts. They buy more FB accounts in order to proceed with the campaigns and get views.

Developers and Software companies. This group tends to build applications and websites that use Facebook as a source of data. In most cases they develop these types of software:

  • Parsing tools;
  • Botnets;
  • SMM Panels;
  • Spam and malicious software;
  • Social media applications that help Facebook users with something.

Developers use Facebook accounts as fuel for their startups and projects. To perform their services they need dozens or hundreds or even thousands of valid Facebook accounts. A classic example is a botnet product. A developer needs an army of fake and bot Facebook accounts in order to operate a botnet or an SMM panel.

SMM Agencies. This group is rather a universal and regular client on a Facebook accounts marketplace. They buy Facebook accounts in order to promote services and products on the biggest social media network. The more accounts they have the more operations and experiments they can run.

Resellers and merchants. A group of commercially oriented traders who purchase Facebook accounts in order to sell them with a margin. They also operate on a secondary market and sell aged Facebook accounts.

The best place to buy Facebook accounts

So you have a project and you demand facebook accounts in bulk. What is the best place to buy them and how to choose your supplier? First off, it is highly recommended to buy accounts from a marketplace. Marketplaces have way more advantages over stores. A social media accounts marketplace has these features:

  • Cheap prices;
  • Reviews;
  • High range of products;
  • Exclusive offers;
  • Online support;
  • Refund policy;
  • Paypal, Bitcoin, VISA/Master payment methods;
  • 1000+ positions in stocks.

According to all requirements above, there are few marketplaces that can meet your needs. Some examples of cheap and high-quality accounts are from these marketplaces:


Never use websites with:

  • Low trustpilot rating;
  • No refund policy;
  • Not stock indicator;
  • No instructions on how to use accounts.

Is it legit to buy Facebook accounts

Fortunately, it is not illegal to purchase Facebook accounts. There is no law that would restrict you even from purchasing Facebook accounts in bulk. But you must keep in mind that it is against the terms of Facebook. Thus, this company may ban or disable your purchased accounts.

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