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Flatbed truckers are some of the most in-demand drivers in the trucking industry. They are constantly hired by companies all over the country and have decent pay. 

Flatbed truckers are all too familiar with the predicament of hauling irregular loads, which can prove difficult to tie down and secure for transit. To help tackle this problem, flatbed truckers can turn to purpose-built supplies designed to hold irregular, overhanging, and strangely-shaped loads. This type of equipment is invaluable, providing the ideal solution to ensure a safe, secure, and streamlined transportation process.

The most popular types of flatbed attachments are:

  • Chain binders.
  • Flatbed straps.
  • Flatbed winches.
  • Corner protectors.
  • Cargo flags.

Chain binders

When cargo needs to be secured to the back of a flatbed trailer, chains and binders are essential for the job. There’s a range of different types of chains and binders on the market and each of them has a different working load limit, suitable for whatever load-securing strength your cargo needs! Investing in quality, reliable chains and binders can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your valuable cargo.

  • Chain binders, also known as lever chain binders, are used to safely secure loads by tying two chains together. These devices feature a lever that brings the two ends of the chain closer together, providing a secure and reliable connection. They are an ideal solution for quickly and safely securing even the heaviest of loads.
  • The ratchet load binder is an excellent choice for when you need to secure something securely and without any risk of getting hurt. These chain binders are built out of heavy-duty, tough structural steel and feature a helpful handle to make the process of tightening the chain with great leverage easy and fast. When you need an industrial-grade, long-lasting pinch fastener, the ratchet load binder is the perfect solution.

Flatbed straps

Flatbed straps are an essential part of securing a cargo load for transportation. They are available in a variety of combinations, such as ratchet straps, winch straps and polyester tie-down webbing. These straps offer a high degree of strength and durability to ensure the load remains secure during transit. The webbing is especially robust, providing minimal stretch and an increased resistance to breakage and movement. Furthermore, flatbed straps are especially heavy-duty, capable of withstanding significant weight-bearing capacity.

  • Ratchet straps are incredibly reliable and popular among truck drivers and shipping companies. This is because of their easy to operate ratchet mechanism, which allows them to use the strap as needed. With each turn of the handle, the tension increases until it reaches the desired level and locks in place. The ratchet mechanism helps keep it secure and is designed for one-way use, meaning it will not loosen without manually opening the handle. Once at the destination, the strap can be disengaged quickly and effortlessly, simply by opening the handle and releasing the excess strap from the ratchet mechanism. It’s no wonder why ratchet straps are so highly sought after!
  • Winch straps are an incredibly handy and efficient way of securing loads to the back of flatbed trailers. The clever design utilizes a winch track system fitted along the sides of the trailer which slides the straps into guides for easy and fast use, allowing heavier and odd-shaped items to be tied down with ease. This hassle-free, time-saving system makes winch straps one of the most indispensable components for flatbed trailers.

Flatbed Winches

Flatbed winches are specifically designed to be installed along the sides of a trailer, adding extra strength and stability to even the heaviest loads. This specialized equipment, consisting of both slider winches and sliding winch tracks, offers tremendous flexibility in terms of fastening points. As the name implies, these winches can easily slide down the trailer rails, enabling drivers to quickly and securely strap down loads at any desired location for maximum safety during travel.

Corner protectors

Corner protectors, also known by industry insiders as tie down strap covers, strap protectors, and plastic corner protectors, are an invaluable resource for flatbeds. Their role is critical in ensuring that loads remain securely in place, shielding the straps from sharp edges that can cause cuts and burns, and even lead to breakage.

Indeed, corner protectors extend the lifespan of tie-down straps by preventing friction, greatly reducing the likelihood of damage. Plus, they provide an effective defensive barrier around the load, keeping it safe from any potential hazards that may arise. Utilizing corner protectors is a wise decision that can pay dividends in the long run.

Safety and oversized cargo flags

When transporting oversized cargo in the trucking industry, safety flags, signs, and other similar markings are absolutely essential. Doing so helps ensure that other drivers on the road are aware of your large or otherwise hazardous load. Without these flags and signs, other motorists may be unaware of the oversized cargo, which could cause serious risks to their safety if not given proper notice. To keep everyone safe and informed, it is important to have clear, visible warnings on your truck when transporting oversized cargo.