How To Find a Reliable Online Casino in Cyprus?

reliable online casino

Cyprus is one of the popular tourist destinations and the entertainment industry thrives there. So, many tourists – together with locals – start wondering at some point whether they can make some real money bets at online casinos. To be honest, finding a reliable and reputable casino site for Cyprus is not easier than for any other country. However, reviews on Cyprus online casinos on CasinoAuditor will help even a complete newbie to tell a good casino from a bad one!

Here, you can learn whether online casino gambling is legal on the island, and what are the most important criteria to consider when choosing a reliable online casino site.

Is Online Casino Gambling Legal in Cyprus?

In Cyprus, legislation on many industries is complicated, because, despite the fact this is one country, it is still divided into the Greek and Turkish parts, due to political issues of the recent past. As a result, in many non-crucial aspects such as the entertainment industry, one or the other part of the island may choose to ignore or transform the applicable laws. Online gambling is not an exception.

Since 2012, all types of online gambling are illegal in Cyprus except sports betting (while animal racing is illegal, too). Moreover, according to the Betting Law 2012, Internet Providers are also expected to restrict access to any platforms that look like online casinos. In fact, land-based casinos are also prohibited by the law.

However, the reality is that the Turkish-occupied northern part of the island usually disobeys the laws, and in addition to numerous land-based casino houses established for tourists mostly, access to online casinos is not that restricted as well.

Therefore, at the time of writing, the legal situation in Cyprus is that online gambling is illegal and operators providing such service are prosecuted and fined, offshore platforms are free to reach out to locals and accept them as real money gambling customers. While there are no known cases of local gamblers being prosecuted, there is still a possibility of this taking place at some point.

Bottom line – Cyprus mostly turns a blind eye to people making real money bets at web casinos operated from abroad, which are plenty and they are freely available.

The Most Important Criteria When Choosing a Casino

There are so many online casinos available for residents and tourists in Cyprus that one can easily get lost when trying to analyze and choose reliable and reputable sites. Casino Auditor platform explains in detail what a reliable online casino site looks like and how to define whether the casino is trustworthy. However, wannabe gamblers in Cyprus can have a quick look here at some of the most important points.


Cyprus is actually one of the jurisdictions that issue international gambling licenses for online casinos, but these licenses are unavailable for local operators. So, regardless of where the casino operator is situated, and residents of what countries are accepted as customers, any casino site must have a license by a relevant authority. License and operator legal info must be indicated on the site and in the Terms and Conditions document. If you cannot find info on a license, info on the operator, and you see no seals of trust by third parties, you should consider keeping away from that site.


Banking options, also called payment options, are second the most important aspect that can totally make or break the gambling experience. If there are few deposit and withdrawal options, or if withdrawal options are limited to the slowest ones, the player won’t have full control of their money. Also, it is important to make sure the player can get access to at least two options from the list in their jurisdiction because there may be nuances, and having two or three payment channels like bank cards and e-wallets are better than having only one.


Bonuses are promotions offered by casinos to their customers, new or regular ones. Bonuses are usually cash or Free Spins, deposit-based or no deposit (free). Casino gamblers love bonuses, but the rules applied are complicated, and some offers are not worth your time. To decide whether you want a bonus, check the wagering requirements, maximum withdrawal limits, and other rules. If you feel the bonus is too tricky, better proceed without it.


Having less than 700 games in the lobby is ridiculous for any online casino that wants to have some chances of being noticed and being competitive. So, feel free to check their lobby, find out exactly how many games the site has, what categories of games, by what providers, etc. If you are not impressed, just feel free to leave and look for a bigger site.

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