How To Find a Reliable Virtual Private Server for Your Forex Trading Business

VPS (Virtual Private Server) management can be interpreted as a cоmрutеr server that operates remotely, but we can access it through the regular Internet. We can install the program, connect via the Internet, and create anything you want as you do on your desktop computer. 

There are several advantages of VPS for forex trading compared to personal computers. VPS security guarantees that every account that joins will get a key or password used to enter the VPS. Everyone has a different password, which can be changed by the user, and keep the password secret.

VPS will guarantee that all installations and data that you run will be active without stopping. This maintenance is also one of the advantages of VPS. Even if the VPS suffers damage, you will not be so much affected as a traditional desktop would. This will be very beneficial for you because the VPS Provider will bear the damage to the server component. It’s very different if you use a personal computer.

In choosing a good Forex VPS, the first thing to consider is a server. VPS vendors usually provide at least two server locations, like for example in America and Europe. 

Which Location Is The Best For You? 

To answer the question, you must first check the presence of the trading server used by your broker. There are several ways to view some brokers live from Metatrader, or you can also check through the different sites available on the Latin list. After knowing the server’s location, then when buying a fоrеx VPS later, choose a server location that is closest to the Broker Server.

When you rent a VPS, you will look at things like the Processor, RAM, Storage, and some other hardware that you might be able to custom choose. This choice of VPS specifications must be based on how many trading robots you want to run. The more you want to run, the bigger the specifications are needed. But if you plan to use one account and one trading robot only, a secure VPS with 1 GB of RAM is enough. As a rule, the VPS is also still suitable for running 1-2 Meta traders and their robots.

Currently the server is considered the most stable using a data center from the UK. Supported by data center regulations from the UK which are very strict, making the rules and policies really reliable. However, in terms of cost, it is known that VPS rental from the UK is currently classified as the most expensive VPS in the world. While the other alternative is a VPS from Europe, because the consequences of network termination tend to be very small. America itself is known for its cheaper VPS data center providers, but sometimes network disconnections occur too often due to busy data traffic. This is because American VPS is considered very solid as a good Forex VPS.


You can see the server components from the hardware performance. Because the better the hardware, the faster the performance of the VPS. Therefore you have to adjust it to what you need. If you only use one metatrader and after not doing other activities such as browsing, using heavy games, trying other software, then you can use a data server with minimum hardware. You can know the characteristics by looking at the prices they offer. The cheaper the price, the lower the quality of the hardware.


Customize a good VPS with the location of the broker’s server. Generally, forex brokers have servers in several countries. If you are using a server located in Europe, then you should look for a VPS with a location as close as possible to the broker’s server. If the VPS is closer to the broker’s server location, of course, the faster the EA transaction process on your VPS that you use.


For the problem of costs that you have to submit, then you can also choose a Forex VPS that is much more in line with your budget. If you are just experimenting, then you can choose a cheaper VPS and of course with the closest server. However, if you have started to enter into future investments, you should provide a higher budget. Due to the choice of security guarantees and the best supporting features, it requires more financing.


Today there are many sites with good Forex VPS offers. You just need to place an order, then make a payment. After that, the VPS you need can be used. However, what you need to pay more attention to is the customer service that it implements. If there are certain obstacles, then support must quickly respond to clients. If you find a site that doesn’t provide the best service for its clients, then don’t go on for the long term.

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