How to Find the Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Edmonton

Did you know that Alberta’s capital, Edmonton, is one of the biggest cities in the province? With over a million people, it bustles with a lot of interesting events and people. Edmonton features a somewhat younger demographic, being home to the University of Alberta, and other great educational institutions. 

Ice hockey is extremely popular here, with the city being super proud of its Edmonton Oilers team. In this type of big city life that features young crowds with a love for sports, it’s natural that physical injuries are common. 

Hospitals are all well and good for many problems, but sometimes you simply need to visit a good physiotherapist to get back to your old self again. How do you find one? Well, let’s discover that in this article. 

First, Understand What Your Requirements Are

Let’s be honest, technically, everyone knows how to find services pretty easily today. You’d have to be pretty new to the internet if you needed to read an entire article about it. You simply find one with good reviews and book an appointment, right? 

However, you are dealing with something a little more delicate with physiotherapy. Oftentimes, injuries that come from overstraining and sports are tough to explain. You may be able to walk around and function properly, but certain movements can trigger a range of symptoms. 

While there’s no point in trying to self-diagnose yourself, it’s worth putting some thought into what you are looking for. Physiotherapists in Edmonton often market themselves based on their specialties and what they have to offer. Some of them focus on sports-related injuries, while others deal with neurological rehab and chronic pain. 

Making a shortlist of options that match your requirements should be the first step towards finding a good Edmonton physiotherapy specialist. 

Assess the Quality of Facilities

Once you manage to shortlist a few options, it’s time to ensure that the facilities are up to a good standard. In the context of physiotherapy, it’s natural to feel that facility standards aren’t that big of a deal. However, depending on your injury, visiting an underequipped physiotherapy center can be a logistical mess. You may be constantly referred to this hospital or that clinic to get tests run. 

It’s far more convenient to visit a clinic that is well-equipped to take care of all your needs from the get-go. As Milestone Physio & Wellness Clinic states, you want a one-stop multi-specialty clinic with no referrals. 

A well-equipped clinic will ideally feature a range of exercise equipment, and modalities like EMS, ultrasound, and laser therapy. Assistive devices like wheelchairs, orthotics, and other aids are also a must. 

With some of the popular clinics in Edmonton, diagnostic tools like dynamometers to assess muscle strength or goniometers for range of motion would also be available. Of course, it’s not mandatory that they need to have every tool in the shed if you are just dealing with a sprain. However, you never know when a simple injury is indicative of something more serious.

Dig Into Their Reputation

Our third point brings us to an important aspect that you should be conducting in your search. It’s great if a clinic happens to be well-equipped and professional, but it’s equally important that they have a good track record.  

Physiotherapists need a good deal of experience and training to develop the skills to understand their clients and start them on the right treatment. If the wrong treatment is selected, not only can it not resolve the issue, it can worsen the injury. As such, it is extremely important that you look into the reputation of your shortlisted clinic. 

The first place to do this would be Google Reviews. Unless a review is found to be fraudulent, the clinic owner can’t have it removed. Thus, it’s a great place to start, but don’t let it be the only place you check. 

Typically, most clinics will list their staff and credentials. Do some research on them. Run a quick search to see if people have had any bad experiences with any of the team members. Most of the time, you shouldn’t find anything to cause concern, but it doesn’t hurt to be careful. 

We do want to stress that just because you run into someone complaining about a particular clinic or physiotherapist, it doesn’t mean that you should immediately believe them. 

Not all negative reviews are going to be legitimate, so use your discernment when reading both positive and negative reviews.

In conclusion, finding a good physiotherapist in Edmonton shouldn’t be tough at all. When you consider how young and sporty the city is, you can be sure that most clinics have had ample experience.  

Hockey can be a particularly aggressive sport, and with Edmonton treating it like a religion, sports injuries are as common as a Tim Hortons. Odds are, most people who visit the clinics here do so because they played way too much hockey for their own good.