How to Find the Best Short-term Rental Companies

Finding the perfect short-term vacation rental can be a bit tough these days as they fill up quickly. There’s so much uncertainty for a first-timer, coupled with the fear of discovering your vacation rental isn’t what you expected.

If you’re looking to have a memorable vacation in a place where you can relax and enjoy thrilling moments, ensure to find the best short-term rental companies before traveling. Visiting the wrong site can easily ruin your trip and waste your money if you don’t enjoy the good time you genuinely wished. Here are some tips to help you find the best short-term vacation rentals easily.

If you happen to have a property that you want to use as a vacation rental but don’t have experiencing in managing one there are different types of vacation rental management companies out there, but make sure to do your research first to know which one will work best for you and your needs.
  1. Figure Out the Kind of Place You’d Like to Go 

Are you planning a romantic weekend getaway, family vacation, or group vacation? You need to ensure that the rental you select matches your type of vacation. It would help if you had an idea of your preferred destination in advance to ease your search for the perfect rental.

While you don’t necessarily need to figure out everything, such as the country, city, or state you hope to visit, you should be able to tell if you’re looking to visit a place with warm weather, palm trees, and oceans, or a location with ski slopes and snow. Traveling on a romantic getaway requires booking a short-term rental that offers the privacy you need.

Considering the activities to engage in during the vacation would help you build an idea of where you should visit.

  1. Have an Open Availability in Terms of the Date

When choosing a date for the vacation rental, try to have open availability. Doing that will make it easier for you to find unique rentals listed at reasonable prices. If you’re looking to book your vacation at a well-known location during the peak period, you might end up spending more than you expected.

If you choose to go on off-season or during the week, you may end up saving costs. Note that this depends on when you’d like to embark on this trip with loved ones.

  1. Go Through Reviews Different Vacation Rentals

Ensure to go through the reviews of previous guests when checking out a vacation home rental agency. Find out other people’s opinions about the place, whether they’ve had bad or good experiences.

The reviews about a rental often foretell the kind of experience you’ll likely have when you visit. If most people share positive experiences about a rental that looks okay to you, there’s a high chance you’ll have the same experience. However, if you get too many bad reviews on a rental, it’s a red flag — avoid the place.

Focus more on reviews mentioning cleanliness, customer support, and the availability of the listed amenities.

  1. Make Comparisons of Legitimate Rental Sites

There are numerous vacation rentals available to visit and check out. Ensure to visit legitimate rental sites, such as TripAdvisor, VRBO,, and VACASA, to begin your search for the best short-term vacation rental.

You can use these best vacation rental sites to compare available offers while searching for an option that offers the ideal amount of space you and your family will need. You can also consider the availability of specific amenities like a hot tub, swimming pool, private balcony, and more while visiting the short-term vacation rental sites to see what they offer guests.

An excellent vacation rental site should have easy-to-read reviews, give ideas of activities around the area, and indicate if the company offers professional cleaning services.

  1. Ask Your Family and Friends for Recommendations

You can always use the traditional option of asking your family and friends for recommendations. If your loved ones travel often, they might have specific rentals where they had excellent experiences. When you trust your loved ones’ (uncles, aunts, parents, siblings, etc.) opinions, you can decide to stay at a location they’ve visited and loved in the past.

  1. Research on the Surrounding Area

After having a few rentals in mind, ensure to do some more research on the surrounding area. Try to find out the attractions within short distances from the rentals, the available amenities, and more. You might also need to know about crime around and in the area. You are visiting that rental on vacation and can’t afford to have any ugly experience.

  1. Go Through Virtual Tours if Available

This tip can help you avoid the dreaded. Did you know that most short-term rental companies provide virtual tours, allowing customers to view before making reservations? The virtual tours enable you to picture the rentals and understand how they look without physically inspecting them.

You can view the size of each room, the rental layout, the types of wall decorations, and more. Although not every vacation rental offers this service, the best ones do. Hence, looking out for virtual tour videos available is always worth it.

  1. Check On Social Media for Additional Information on the Vacation Rentals

You can use social media platforms to search for more information about your preferred short-term rental companies. Most places that offer rental services to tourists have business pages on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

That’s where you can easily communicate with the professionals, see what other people are saying about the place, and view photos and videos of the rental.

You might also find out about discounts and exclusive deals that are available to their social media followers.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to have a fantastic vacation filled with memories, you need to get an ideal vacation rental. An excellent rental should have all you could wish for and provide adequate space for you and your loved ones.

You want to enjoy your vacation in a perfect spot you’d love to visit. If you follow the tips mentioned earlier, planning a pleasurable trip should be pretty straightforward. The Short Term Shop—Avery Carl Short Term and Vacation Rental Acquisition Services has a team of experts to ease the process further. Now you can go ahead and find a suitable rental to stay for your next vacation.

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