How To Fix Twitch Lagging Or Buffering Without Any Issues

A well-known live streaming platform, Twitch, is used across the world to get updates on games. It is quite popular, but the problem that you will face here is Twitch stuttering. The buffering problem breaks the flow and the interest of watching the video. The common issues that users encounter are Twitch Playback Buffer, buffering Chrome, Clip buffering, Twitch VOD, Firefox, etc. In this article, you will know the best solutions to fix the buffering or Twitch lagging issue. With that, you can stream videos without facing any difficulty.

Best Solutions to fix Buffering or Twitch Lagging

Twitch is a highly preferred platform for gamers, but the Twitch stream stuttering problem affects the user experience. Here are the best solutions that will help you resolve the issue. Make sure that you follow the steps appropriately to eliminate the error.

  1. Verify the settings of the firewall

Some specific firewalls are there that will not allow you to stream videos. If your device has a firewall, ensure to proceed to the settings, and disable it. The antivirus running in the back can also be one of the issues you will face issues in videos. Being a streamer, you are busy downloading and uploading videos; if the antivirus is not disabled, it will interrupt the process. Two ways are there to solve the issue; you can deactivate it or switch to gaming mode. Changing to gaming mode is only available in the latest antivirus software, while the deactivate option is there in all. Choose the option suitable for you, and go ahead.

  1. The device with better specifications

Computer specifications can be one of the reasons for Twitch lag. If you are a streamer, the issue is going to bother you a lot. With the intense bandwidth, you must also need a computer to stream a video smoothly. A few aspects that you should keep in mind so that you do not come across Twitch Lag issue are:

  • Operating system: Windows 10 64-Bit
  • Internet: 20 MB
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Graphics: GTX 1050 Ti
  • Hard Disk: Seagate BarraCuda 1 TB
  • Board: MSI B250 Pro-VD
  1. Strong internet connection

One of the most difficult problems that you cannot solve is internet connectivity. More than 70% of the time, the internet connection is the issue, so you cannot stream the Twitch videos. Being a streamer, it is important to ensure that you are careful. With strong connectivity, a consistent bandwidth is also essential. If you wish to know about the speed of the internet, run a simple speed test. It gives you an idea of how the speed is. Here are a few tweaks to help you in solving the issue.

  • Disconnect every device and then connect all of it again.
  • Change the password of the Wi-Fi
  • Eliminate existing users as they are reasons why you are facing buffering issues.

If the above steps do not make any change, it’s better to get a new connection. Several internet connections are there that you can opt for and resolve the issue.

  1. Change the browser

It is one of the common problems that you will face while using Twitch. If it stops running and does not start even after trying to open for so many times, the problem is with the browser. You can update the browser and check if it gets solved. However, if it does not, you should change the browser.

  1. Mainly, it is seen that if you are using Google Chrome, you can face the issue. That’s why; go ahead with Opera or Firefox. Or else, you can solve the issue by moving to the setting button and switching off “Hardware Acceleration”.
  2. Open the browser by double-clicking on the shortcut icon or by proceeding to the start menu.
  3. At the top right corner of the browser, you will come across three horizontal lines; proceed there. When you float the cursor there, it reads “Customize and control Google Chrome”.
  4. Press on the following which you can open a drop-down menu. Here you must select the “Setting” option, and when you scroll down, an “Advanced” option will be available.
  • Select that and go to the bottom of the page, where you will get the “System” area.
  • Now that you need to disable hardware acceleration in Google Chrome, you must clear the checkbox of hardware acceleration.
  • After you complete the step, ensure to close the browser, following which you can restart.
  • Many times, it has been seen that by following any of the above steps, you can fix buffering and lagging issues. If it still does not help you, go to the next section.

How to Fix Lagging Video with Repairit?

If any of the above solutions do not serve the purpose, a suitable application, Repairit, can be helpful. It is the best video software used by many people across the world to repair video files. It can repair files of any format, like M2TS, MOV, MTS, 3GP, FLV, AVI, etc. The simple steps to repair videos are:

  1. Add the files

The first step that you must perform is to add video files with buffering or lagging issues.

  1. Start the process

Once the above two steps are completed, select on the “Repair” button. It will repair all the broken video.

  1. Preview and save

After the process gets over, you will receive an update about it. Click on the preview button to check if it is perfect. Once you are satisfied with the process, go ahead and save the file.

  1. Add a sample file

Now add a sample file to repair the severely damaged file to continue to enjoy watching it without any issue.

Choose Repairit!

The software is great and can solve different issues related to your videos. If you face any problem, like video compression issues, interrupted video recording, file transfer error, file write and read errors, etc., Repairit is there to guide you. It supports the INSV format and has a higher success rate. Additionally, the process is simple, so no one will face a problem in using it.

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