How To Fix Your Roofs Skylight After Roofing Job Is Complete

A skylight is an opening in a roof created to admit sunlight into a room. This opening is usually covered with transparent glass or plastic to prevent rain, snow, and even rodent attack. While some skylights have a functional purpose, some of them are mainly ornamental -built just to improve the aesthetic and financial value of a home.

Skylights have different styles and designs. Some of them are windows that open towards the roof while the others are merely transparent coverings on the roof. With a skylight, you will be able to view the beauty of the sky without leaving the comfort of your home. They also make space look bigger and airy.

This article from roofers Albuquerque will explain the causes of skylight leakages and how to fix them.

Reasons for Skylight Leakages

1.   Weather damage

Since most skylights are covered with glass, relentless rainfall, heavy wind, or a hailstorm can cause damage. As raindrops or hailstones hit on this glass, it may begin to crack. These cracks may, in turn, allow water to leak through, thus causing damage to your building.

2.   Improper installation

A poorly installed skylight might spring a leak. A gap between the skylight and roof or a faulty lock might also cause a nasty leak; to escape this, you should employ professionals to install your skylight. If you do not have the right qualifications or necessary experience, please, do not install it by yourself.

3.   Corroded flashing

The flashing is the metal part of the skylight that connects the skylight to the roof. It is designed to direct water away from the skylight. Over time, the flashing may become rusty thus preventing it from doing a proper job. This can, in turn, cause skylight leakage. In such situations, it is advisable to immediately employ a qualified contractor to replace your skylight flashing.

4.   Melting snow

When there is a heavy snowstorm, the snow might accumulate on your skylight and begin to melt as the sun comes out and when this happens, water may begin to drip into your home. To avoid this, do not let snow gather on your roof for too long by clearing your roof after a heavy snowstorm. Where that isn’t possible, install quality gutters and keep them clean always. That way, the melted snow can leave your roof without leaking through your skylight.

5.   Poor insulation

If the room the skylight is situated in isn’t well ventilated, there may be no escape for moisture. And without proper aeration, moisture might condense on the surface of your skylight and begin to leak. To avoid this, the location of the skylight should always be dry. That way, there won’t be a buildup of moisture that could cause leaks from your skylight.

How to fix a Skylight Leakage -DIY Procedures.

It is understandable if everything you have read so far has made you scared. The good news is, a skylight leakage can be easily fixed.  So, how do you fix it?

1.   Clean your skylight

The first thing to do is to give your skylight a thorough cleaning. This is because debris like tree branches, stones, or sand may put a strain on your skylight. Not only this, a clean skylight will allow you to easily spot the source of any skylight leakage that you may have.

2.   Find the source of the leak.

After you have cleaned the skylight, carefully find the source of the leak. You can use a torch or a magnifying glass to easily spot this source.

3.   Seal the hole

Use roofing cement, to cover up the holes that you identify as the source of the leak. Don’t worry, you can buy roofing cement from any hardware store close to you. Do not use glue or simple household adhesives as they will not be able to withstand the effects of the weather.

4.   Repair or replace the flashing

While your roof’s flashing helps to redirect water from the skylight. If it gets rusty, it will cause leakages. If you find out that the flashing has a small fault, repair it immediately; and if it isn’t properly aligned arrange it properly. However, where the flashing is beyond redemption, it is advisable to replace it as soon as possible.

Effects of Skylight Leakage

Some of the detrimental effects of a skylight leakage include the following:

1.   It makes the room uncomfortable

A leaky skylight will make the room that it is inside to be damp and cold. And without aeration and immediate exposure to sunlight, the said room might begin to smell. This will make the room uncomfortable and impossible to live in, don’t forget the embarrassment that will follow if your visitor steps into that room.

2.   Safety hazards

If the room with the leaky skylight contains electrical wiring, water from the leaky skylight may increase the risk of electrocution. Electrical sparks may also cause fire damages too.

In addition to this, a leaky skylight will make the floors of your room to be wet. And if you’re don’t remedy this, you or your kids might slip and sustain a nasty injury.

3.   Structural damage

A leaky skylight will ruin the beauty of the room that it is in. The room’s wall paint might darken and begin to bubble. The furniture and wallpaper will also get ruined and the room will be unpleasant to look at. Eventually, the house might become completely ruined and you’ll spend a lot of money carrying out repairs. If you intend to resell your building, this skyline leakage would cause the value of your house to greatly depreciate.

In conclusion, skylights are a beautiful addition to a home. They allow light to flood into the room and increase its beauty. But this beauty will be marred by leakages. Therefore, you must fix any leakage you find in your skylight as soon as it is noticed.

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