How to get a broken key out of a lock?

Locks are opened using keys that are made and designed according to the inner mechanism of the lock. If the key does not match the mechanism inside the lock, then the key won’t be able to open the lock.

Sometimes, when we try to open the lock using a key that is not familiar with its mechanism. The key breaks inside the lock and pushes you into trouble getting that key out of the lock.

Broken keys extraction is not rocket science or highly difficult to perform. Firstly, you should avoid things that result in breaking the key inside the lock.

This mostly happens when you use the wrong key without checking. Or you try to open the lock with extra force, this happens when you are either in a hurry or furious at someone or something. The force results in the breaking of the key.

If you are stuck in such a situation and you want to get the broken key out of the lock. We will tell you three simple and reliable methods that you can apply and get the key out of the lock.

Use tweezers

This thing comes in almost every mind after the key gets stuck inside the lock. Tweezers are a good option to get the broken key out of the lock. But you should check the size of the tweezers before you put them inside the lock to get the key.

Tweezers must be thin enough to open up inside the lock and grab the broken key. Otherwise, it will push the key further if its size is bigger than required. Grab tweezers of the necessary size and get the key out of the lock.

Use super glue

This method is quite handy when it comes to extracting a broken key out of a lock. However, it is not working all the time. How to perform this extraction using super glue?

Take a wire and apply some super glue at the end of the wire. Don’t apply more glue than the size of the hole. And also, don’t apply less glue that it won’t stick with the key.

After you added the required amount of glue at eh end of the wire, take the wire inside the keyhole and stick it to the key. After the glue dries. It will get stuck with the broken key. Now you can pull the key out of the lock.

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Broken key extractors

A broken key extractor is a professional tool for such incidents. It has a hook with it to grab the broken key inside the lock. You can easily pull the key out of the lock using a key extractor. But it may take several attempts to succeed.

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