How to get an Entrepreneur Visa in Spain?

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Excelled in business operations in your home country and now do you want to set up a new business in a foreign country? Confused about choosing the best place to set up or start a new business?

You are at the right place. Come let me give answers to each of your questions.

While choosing any foregin country to start a business set up or getting an entrepreneur visa to establish a new business there. There are a few major things that should be taken care of. For example, the financial conditions of the foregin country, the mindset of the policies that are being running there with respect to entrepreneurship and business setting, saving of money in the form of taxes, etc.

Basically, some of the foregin countries are so famous and always are open for entrepreneurship opportunities for the people. These countries always welcome the entrepreneurs with open as well as welcoming hands so that they can create wonderful and beneficial work job opportunities for their local people and ultimately achieve the goal of their growth and development. Apart from it, these countries also support and back the new entrepreneurs by giving them financial capital help to them. 

Some of these foreign countries are mentioned below:

  • United Kingdom
  • Hong kong
  • Spain 
  • Finland 
  • Canada
  • Portugal
  • Germany 
  • New Zealand, etc. 

However, all these foreign countries are best in their way as they support and help all the entrepreneurs in establishing their businesses in the host countries. But what makes Spain different? Why to choose Spain? What speciality is there in Spain? I know, there are so many questions running here and there in your mind. Take a deep breath and keep reading this article. All your answers are here.

Why to choose Spain?

Spain is considered to be one of the most suitable and a beneficial foreign country for any of the entrepreneurs to start a new business. The legit authority ministry of foreign affairs in Spain has so many beneficial policies and clauses that gives an extra edge advantage to the entrepreneur in establishing and developing business on the territory of Spain and ultimately getting success in the newly set up business. In fact, it is so easy and convenient to get a Spain startup visa as well. A businessman or an entrepreneur can easily apply for a startup visa in Spain and get the same very easily, because the clauses and the policies in Spain are made in such a way that the person can start his or her business in Spain hassle-free. 

If we see the current scenario of the world, Spain is considered to be one of the most attractive business markets currently. The financial conditions of Spain are seen to be increasing at a good pace and currently the economy of Spain is considered to be one of the successful economies of the world. This foreign country has done so many hits and trials in the form of incentives. Policies, and strong approaches in order to achieve a strong and still market value on the international level. 

According to the experts, Spain has a comparatively lower cost of living but on the other hand, this place is full of skilled people and workers. So, why not to start a new business in such a place where the skilled labour is available at comparatively less cost and can yield to more beneficial and better results with so many other features in hand. Other European countries are also good in yielding desired results but the cost of skilled labour and cost of living is comparatively higher and there is no surety of success of the business there. Therefore, out of all the available choices and options, Spain is considered to be the best. Spain is the 3rd biggest investor in the world.

The plus point in Spain is that it is one of the safest and healthier places for your family members too. It is one of the best places for your family to grow and raise. In fact, once the startup visa of Spain or the entrepreneur visa of Spain is being received by the authorities and person can explore Spain along with the other nearby places in order to grow and expand the business there. 

The financial conditions and the economy of Spain is improving and growing very rapidly day by day and along with this, it is providing a lot of beneficial opportunities to the people of Spain along with the entrepreneurs coming and establishing a business there. The whole ministry of affairs in Spain is so innovative and wonderful as it creates so many wonderful and workable policies for the entrepreneurs.

Here are a few necessary documents that are required to apply for the Spain entrepreneur visa:

  1. A residence permit is needed
  2. A valid and legal Passport of the applicant
  3. Age of the applicant must be more than 18 years old.
  4. No criminal record should be there. A certificate of no criminal record within the last 5 years is required. 
  5. There should not be any Spanish illegal record against the applicant.
  6. Health insurance with the Spanish company should be taken and documents of the same should be presented.
  7. Enough and sufficient financial or savings should be with the applicant.
  8. Visa application should be duly filled with the application fees.
  9. The office area or commercial area should be mentioned in the application.
  10. A proper plan of business action should be presented. All the documents should be in Spanish language only.

How to apply for the Spain entrepreneur visa?

Step: 1 visit Spain before and see the places along with all the arrangements there.

Step: 2 choose and decide a place of business operations

Step: 3 apply for the Spain entrepreneur visa.

Step: 4 submit all the documents and fees

Step: 5 submit the proper business plan along with the commercial address.

Step: 6 wait for the result.

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