How to Get Casino Backlinks – Casino Link Building Guide

Over the past few years, the number of online casinos opening up has increased at a rapid rate. Brand-new casino websites continue to emerge. With the emergence of new casino sites, the competition between casinos has undoubtedly increased. The rise in casinos has also led to more competition in search engine rankings. 

For an online casino, expanding its fan base and ensuring that it outranks its competitors must be the casino’s top priorities. If you have been looking for a site that would help bring in more traffic than ever and help locate high-quality backlinks, using iGaming Link Building Services from Highroller Agency would be your best bet. 

Numerous casinos invest in SEO strategies to build backlinks and expand their reach while retaining their current customers. This guide is all you need if you are seeking ways to acquire quality casino backlinks!  

How to Acquire Casino Backlinks?

Link building for casinos and inter-linked iGaming sectors differs significantly from conventional link building, as this domain can be quite challenging. Google tends to be less inclined towards casinos, which ultimately means that an individual would have to go the extra mile simply to find backlinks that would help your website appear legitimate.

According to statistics, a UK study states that 17% of the population gambles online. This results in a revenue of £5.3 billion for the online market itself.

However, once a casino manages to overcome the hurdles they face, backlinking can bring numerous benefits. Backlinks vouch for the quality of your casino site and provide a ranking signal. The ranking signal affirms that your site’s content can be relied on and helps people distinguish between noteworthy sites and sites they should avoid. A casino can acquire high-quality casino backlinks through the numerous means mentioned below. 

Exchange of Links

Linking to sites that are relevant to your content helps elevate your customers’ experience on your casino site. Exchanging links has been an SEO strategy since the early days of the internet. Link exchange is when two or more websites form a mutual agreement and provide links to each other to boost SEO. 

Essentially, each site involved in this mutual agreement agrees to receive backlinks from one another. Exchanging links is the simplest way of obtaining a backlink, as it tends to benefit both parties. Link exchanges have proven to be great for SEO and help establish authenticity and relevancy.

However, the casino must put in sufficient research before forming an agreement with another site. Link exchanges will only deliver good SEO results if your backlinks are of high quality. A frequently encountered issue when sites swap links is that numerous sites provide low-quality links. Additionally, casinos must ensure that they swap links in moderation to avoid issues with search engines. 

Ultimately, the effectiveness of a link exchange depends on how often a casino uses this strategy and its method of exchanging links.

Paid Links

A paid link is the most straightforward way of getting a backlink for your casino site and requires no hard work from your side. Paid links are backlinks purchased from third-party websites to boost the search engine ranking of a particular site. However, there are a few things that a casino site must be aware of before deciding to purchase a back-link from a third-party source. 

Paid links are frowned upon by most search engines. While link-building is essential and ensures that a site outranks its competitors, paying for a backlink is strictly forbidden by search engines and may lead to harsh measures. The amount a backlink is worth depends on the quality of the backlink. 

Whereas purchasing a backlink may span out well, for the time being, it might be why your casino site faces countless issues, as paid backlinks are viewed as a form of manipulation by numerous search engines. 

Private Blog Networks

A private blog network (PBN) refers to a network of authentic websites created to link to a single website to improve the website’s ranking. The main idea behind this strategy is that a network of websites that have nothing to do with each other link to a single website to pass link equity to the single website. 

This tactic makes it appear that the website has earned the links due to its content. However, similar to purchasing backlinks from third-party sources, using private blog networks to boost your organic traffic is a direct violation of Google’s optimization guidelines.  

Turn Towards Shoulder Niches 

Shoulder niches refer to subtopics that link back to the primary topic of your site. Since a site would use backlinks from websites with similar niches, both parties would be provided with the opportunity to enjoy numerous benefits. Both parties could reach a wider audience, which would help boost the site’s credibility and search engine ranking. 

This method ensures that a casino site can effectively obtain backlinks of high quality, as the backlinks used are unrelated to the casino site. Using backlinks from shoulder niches helps bridge the gap and ensures that the backlink appears natural while staying relevant to the casino site’s content. Shoulder niches a casino site may use include gaming, travel, gambling review sites, and more.

Create Engaging and Exceptional Content 

When a casino site produces unique content that is worth reading, the site will undoubtedly be able to generate more organic traffic, attract visitors, accumulate backlinks and shares, and, of course, boost its SEO. Instead of stuffing content with keywords, casino site owners must focus on producing content readers want to read.

For instance, contests, casino reviews, video promotions, and more. Such content would help broaden your current fan base and encourage different casino sites to link back to your site. This would ultimately allow both parties to attract new customers.

Additionally, having prominent and renowned media outlets link back to your website is a terrific way to generate organic traffic for your casino site. For starters, a casino site is an incredible way to begin, as a site can provide a link to its website by using different keywords.

In addition to the actual content itself, casino site owners must consider the frequency with which they post. Yes, it is true. Search engines enjoy unique content that serves a purpose and rewards it with a higher search engine ranking. At the same time, a search engine prefers a perfect blend of quality and quantity.


Attempting to get your casino site to the top of the organic search results can be terrifying when one considers the competition they face. However, with patience and perseverance, success will walk towards you in no time! 

The right link-building approach is key to attracting customers in the competitive casino world. High-quality backlinks are crucial to gaining the trust of search engines and outranking competitors. By incorporating the different ways of getting casino backlinks, there is no doubt that your casino site will rank higher.

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