How to Get Connected with God? 6 Working Tips!

We all go through a lot in our life whether it is related to personal or professional. We all try our best to overcome these issues. But do you know the best way to ease your worries? Connect with the god. You must be thinking what do you mean by connecting with God? Does it involve daily prayers? Visiting holy or religious places such as Planetshakers Church, or any other methods?

Everyone’s perception towards God is different and the way they connect to him is also different. Some of you may find god in idols while some of you believe that God resides in every heart. Today we will be talking about how to connect with God to achieve spiritual calmness and make yourself stronger to face all the difficulties in life.

godFeel the love of God

Feeling god with the senses is the first way to get connected with god. This earth and all the creatures are created by god. Like our human being’s god to love other creatures of him. So, what is the best way to connect with God? Love those creatures. Since those creatures. Whatever you hear, see and feel is created by god. Appreciate that beauty and express your gratitude for it. These creatures could be anything such as music, incense, and even architecture.

Find the God outdoors

If you love nature then there is no better way to connect to god. According to holy books, god is everywhere whether it is forests, mountains, and even the water. Spend some time with nature and appreciate these creations of God. As they say, when you do good or say good, good things will come back to you. Being grateful for what God has given to you to cherish is the best way to connect with god.

Keep it simple

This way is especially for people who believe in Asceticism. If you are someone who has decided to dedicate your whole life to the practices of self-mortification for various religious reasons and wish to lead a simple life. They find the presence of God when they are alone and away from the whole world. Here the Ascetic person believes in being alone and self-denial.

Engage in a prayer

This is a very common method to get connected with the god and it has been practiced by many for ages all over the world. Most of you must have been practicing various prayers and rituals in front of the idols. But what if you do not believe in any particular religion or system. In this case, ask the Universe. Offer your prayers to the Universe and believe that someone is listening to you.

Confront yourself sins

You might have confronted your sins many times either in front of your family members or friends. Some of us believe in confronting the church in front of the padre. But do you know why most people prefer to confront their sins in front of God? Because you have no fear or no hesitation when you are in front of god and if you are confronting him then you have a belief that he will forgive you for all your sins and accept you the way you are. So next time you wish to get connected with God and have any grudges in mind or sins to confront surrender to him.

Love others

As discussed above this whole planet is created by God and hence each of its creatures is his favourite. So, what could be the best way to love the things which he loves? Now, what do you understand by loving others? It is all about helping others who are in need. And it is not only restricted to humans it is also applicable to animals. So next time if someone is in trouble and if you think that you will be able to help that person then do not hesitate to do that.

So, what are you waiting for? Do not keep these things only in your mind. Try to implement a few of the ways which you can in your daily routine and you never know when you get connected with the god without even realization. Take the first step today and things will start falling in place.

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