How to Get the Most Value From Your “About Us” Page

It’s common for companies to neglect the page on their website which gives visitors details about the ins and outs of the business as a whole.

However, this is an opportunity to do a bit of promotional work, build a brand narrative and bolster the search visibility of your site in one fell swoop.

Let’s talk about the different ways in which you can improve your “About Us” page and quickly reap the benefits.

Come at the problem from a customer perspective

When tweaking this page, try to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and give them what they want rather than making assumptions.

There are a few routes to get to know your customers, and a simple option here is to look at the kinds of questions your support team often gets asked about your business and provide answers to them on this page.

Be specific about what sets you apart

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the idea that hyperbolizing your brand is the best way to set out your pitch to prospective customers.

However, while a positive tone is useful, it’s more impactful to include facts and figures about your history, your achievements, and your products and services. Present your data clearly and unambiguously to really hit home with each stat.

Avoid overstating your scope

There’s no shame in being a small but ambitious business, so don’t try to paint your company as being all-encompassing when that isn’t really the case. Turn the spotlight on the quality of what you offer rather than falling back on exaggeration as a crutch.

Tell a story

The importance of having an engaging brand narrative is outlined in this StoryBrand guide, and your “About Page” is the ideal place to put these principles into practice.

Part of this process is about weaving in examples of how your product can improve things for customers if they make a commitment, and you also need to be cognizant of your industry niche and how this impacts things like the tone you adopt and the language you use.

Use authentic imagery

Head to any number of “About Pages” on business websites, and you’ll encounter stock photos galore, which gives every business a bland, generic, cookie-cutter feel.

It’s better to be authentic by choosing images that are actually taken on your premises. Pay a professional photographer to put together some snaps of your workplace using real employees and not models.

Come back to implement updates regularly

Another common theme of “About Us” pages on business websites is that they can remain static and unchanged year after year.

This means that they don’t necessarily represent the reality of your operations and can miss out on key details that might end up confusing visitors.

You can solve this by scheduling review and refresh sessions for this page, perhaps checking it out every quarter so that updated information can be added as your company expands.

Get a second opinion

While you might be able to fire off your “About Page” in a few minutes, that doesn’t mean you’ll do the best possible job. It’s better to have at least one or two other pairs of eyes on the project before it goes live, as this will catch errors and inconsistencies much better than if you tackle it solo.

Wrapping up

With a little work, your “About Page” can be transformed for the better, and the knock-on effect will be significant.

Also, remember to monitor how it performs and check that any changes you make are achieving what you’d hoped.

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