How to Get PS4 Out Of Safe Mode

If you have a Ps4, you are familiar with the term safe mode. Ps4 enters a safe mode whenever there is a problem with troubleshooting and many more reasons. When on the safe mode, your Ps4 can get rid of problems quickly. 

It is a great way to kick-start your console. But if your device gets stuck in it, a loop starts circling. This makes your gaming challenging to proceed with. However, if you have it on, how to get Ps4 out of safe mode, do not worry. I have the solution for you. In this detailed article by Tablets Wiki, you will get to know some useful ways through which you can take out the Ps4 from safe mode. 

What Is Safe Mode?

It is a condition where your PlayStation enters a stream, and only a few functions work. They do so through safe mode. You cannot start your console properly, but safe mode helps in many ways. When your Ps4 has a problem, the safe mode can come to the rescue. You have to be careful.

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What Happens In Safe Mode?

For starters, safe mode takes you to options that have few limits. The safe mode screen contains 8 options. They are

  • System restart
  • Software Update
  • Change in display
  • Restore
  • Secure Database
  • Initialize PS4

System Restart

These are some points that are always available in the safe mode. The system restart option lets your PS4 restart normally after the safe mode.

Software Update

If your system needs an update, then this option is best. It updates your hard drive. You can use a USB, Disc, or use the help of the internet.  

Change in display

This option helps you change your screen resolution to 480p. Changing this helps solve the blank screen problem. Also, if you have a mismatched screen resolution, this option will do the trick.


When you select this option, your PS4 secures Data yet restores your settings to their normal default phase.

Secure Database

This setting lets you use your data in the PS4 without deleting it.

Initialize PS4

You select Initialize PS4 then your PlayStation erases all the data. It comes back to its new shape from within.

How to Get Ps4 Out Of Safe Mode

Although safe mode helps the console troubleshoot frequently, it still needs to be put out of safe mode. How will you do that? Let’s take a look at the procedure. A safe mode menu can also help, but below are some proven methods that help a lot.

  • Restart
  • Restore Database
  • Update Software
  • Initialize PS4


The most common solution to every dysfunction in your devices is to shut down or restart. The same thing will help you with your PlayStation. Select the first option of restart from your pS4 safe mode menu.

Restore Database

Sometimes the problem lies in the database. The corrupt files can destroy your system. So select this option “rebuild database” this will allow you to erase all the data and build it again in the PlayStation.

Update Software

This is also an option that helps you rescue your PS4. When you select a software update, it helps with the troubleshooting problem. You should select updates from the internet. So you do not have to worry about attaching a USB later on.

Initialize PS4 

When everything fails, this option does wonders. You select this option using the X key of your controller, and BOOM. Everything goes away. Your system becomes as good as new. Initializing PS4 helps your PlayStation erase everything, and it becomes new, just like the day you first brought it home out of the box.


I hope this article will help you answer how to get PS4 out of safe mode?.. Because Safe mode is not a bad thing. It just helps your PlayStation to function accordingly later on. When you select from the given options of PlayStation, you improve its functions. The problems such as troubleshooting, blank screen, and many more problems.

It also helps you to get rid of corrupt files. Sometimes there are corrupt files that start to ruin your system from within. It usually slows it down.

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