How to get rid of Hard Nails & Painful Nails

Hard Nail and Cracked Foot Heel, Symptoms and Solutions

The human body is made up of multiple parts and is a gift from God. Our feet and nails are just as important as any other part of our body. As our feet and fingernails reflect our unique personalities, these parts of our body also protect us from various diseases and problems. However, occasionally, for unidentified reasons, foot cracks appear and fingernails grow painfully hard.

Why are your Fingernails so Important?

Finger nails have their own importance that cannot be ignored, even for a moment. The fingernails increase your ability to scratch and separate different things, along with increasing the beauty of your personality. Nails protect our hands, provide a strong cover as we work with them each day, and keep us away from environmental pollutants. Regular and professional nail care guarantees that your nails stay strong so they can do the job. Moisturizing your feet and applying nail softener like Urea Nail Gel

 on your nails may prevent you from all your problems related to hardened nails.

Symptoms of Hard Nails

It is painful to have hard nails and cracks in your feet heels. There are the following symptoms that indicate the danger of hard nails and cracks in your feet:

  • Common indications or symptoms of foot cracks include hard and dry skin that later on becomes the cause of redness or irritation.
  • When the foot cracks, painful cracks in the skin appear, especially around the heels.
  • People have difficulties in standing or walking, and in more serious situations, bleeding or infection can happen.
  • If you notice changes in the appearance and texture of the nails, then it is a major symptom of nail cracks.
  • Nail crack symptoms also include fading, a formation of tiny, painful cracks, and weak or easily breakable nails.
  • If you notice an increase in the thickness of the nail or the development of ridges, this is also an indication of nail cracks or hardness.

Both feet and nails can be affected by weather conditions, improper diet, and other health issues. Curing these symptoms is essential to living a healthy and pain-free life.

Causes of Foot and Nail Cracks

There are various reasons for hardened nails and cracked feet. To have a healthy life cycle, the following issues must be solved quickly with proper health assistance:

  • One major cause of cracked feet and hardened nails is a lower use of moisture.  This is usually caused by chilly weather, low humidity, and dehydration.
  • Wearing shoes that are overly tight or unsuitable for your skin type is another common cause of cracked feet and hard or cracked nails on toes.
  • Fungal infections such as skin scaling, cracking, and dryness can all be reasons for foot cracking and nail hardening.
  • Nail hardening or cracking is mostly caused by deficiency of important nutrients, mainly zinc and vitamins A and E.
  • If you are going through dandruff and allergies, then it can affect the skin on your feet and cause cracking. Diabetes is another main reason for foot problems.
  • The use of harsh chemicals in daily life, such as certain detergents or cleaners, can damage skin and nails, which can lead to dryness and cracking.
  • As we age, our skin becomes more sensitive, our nails get harder, and we start to have cracks on our feet.
  • Continuous use of nail polish is an important reason because of which many people face the problem of hardened nails.
  • A person’s DNA can have an effect on the composition and appearance of their nails. Some people may be genetically hard-nailed.

To solve hardened nails and cracked feet issues, it is important to pay proper attention to their care and get professional health assistance.

Solution to Prevent Hardened Nails and Cracked Feet

To avoid hardened nails and cracked feet, it is important to understand foot and nail care procedures. Here are some tips and solutions:

For avoiding Hardened Nails

  • Drink plenty of water in your daily routine to maintain overall hydration, which is very good for nail health and apply Urea Nail Gel Softener including 40% Urea.
  • Apply a moisturizing nail and cuticle oil regularly to keep nails hydrated. Urea Nail Gel is an ideal solution for moisturizing nails and preventing them from becoming hardened or cracking.
  • Don’t trim your nails excessively, and do gentle nail filing to prevent nail damage.
  • Take a balanced diet rich in biotin, vitamins A and E, iron, and zinc for healthy nail growth.
  • To keep your hands hydrated, use moisturizing lotions and nail cream on a regular basis, especially after washing them.

For avoiding Cracked Feet

  • If you have dry feet, moisturize them every day with a Urea Gel Moisturizer, especially after taking a bath. Use foot balm or moisturizer.
  • Regularly wash your feet gently so you can remove dead skin cells. To maintain soft skin, use a foot scrub on daily basis, a moisturizing 40% urea gel may soothes rough & dry skin and works on corns and calluses and soften your skin.
  • Do regular feet massage for better blood circulation and for good foot health. Try moisturizing affected areas first.
  • Wear socks along with warm clothes to protect your feet from the cold and harshness of the weather.
  • To keep your body and skin moisturized from the inside out, especially your feet, drink plenty of water.

Urea Nail Gel is a certified medical product to keep your nails soft and it also increase the beauty of your hands and feet. 

Do we need nails to survive?

Although they are not required for survival, nails are useful in everyday activities. In along with giving us a sense of touch and protecting the sensitive tips of our fingers and toes, nails also help in using our hands. If you what to buy a skin product always try to buy from an authentic online beauty products store because Nails increase the overall look of our hands and feet and give us confidence as we interact with others.


Your nails, as well as your feet, are as important as other parts of your body. To prevent nails from hardening and feet from becoming cracked, it is important to pay proper attention to their care. Daily moisturizing and a little bit of attention can protect you from major health issues. Stylookbeauty is a certified name for having medical assistance to treat hardened nails and cracked feet. Urea Nail Gel is a useful product that whitens, softens, and moisturizes nails very smoothly and gives you beautiful feelings of self-confidence.