How to Get the Best from Microsoft Power BI Self Service Analytics Tool

If you are as data-oriented as many successful B2B or B2C businesses are, you will agree that using a powerful self-service analytics tool is a great move. Microsoft has continued to support business operations with affordable tools, and power bi self-service analytics is one of them. So, what is so unique about this tool when it comes to processing big data?

Power bi self-service analytics is designed for businesses that appreciate the data culture and are willing to draw insights from them. Microsoft ensures that the tool is updated on a weekly basis to provide the best services to its users.

As an entrepreneur, you can leverage this powerful tool to give business intelligence insights ranging from sales and marketing data to operations management. For those who are not aware of this tool, you should read this.

An Overview of Power

Power bi self service analytics tools are comprised of different components aimed at collecting data, sorting it out, analyzing, and reporting using visual presentations and reports.

When collecting data sources, the power bi self-service analytics tool connects different sources such as cloud-based apps and on-premise sources such as excel sheets and databases. Microsoft has based this tool on Excel and the two have a close relationship.

Options of Power BI Self Service Analytics Tool

  • Power BI Desktop – This offers an opportunity to move from raw data to insights for any business. With the desktop mode, you can connect with different data sources while seated in your office. The sources include office 365, Azure, SQL, and many others. The power bi self-service analytics tool proceeds to prep the data and then analyze depending on what you want. Eventually, the desktop mode will make insightful reports.
  • Power BI Mobile – As you all know, technology has gone mobile. Hence, apps and mobile accessed tools are the trends now. The power bi self-service analytics tools have not been left behind. This powerful app allows you to connect to your data, sort it out, and visualize reports that are full of insights.
  • Power BI Premium – As the name suggests, the premium version has more features than any other version. It is designed for large enterprises with several users who want to access and manipulate data whenever they wish. Users are given different rights to perform different operations or access various reports.

There are other options such as Power BI Pro and Server, which can also be leveraged by businesses to give different insights. Hence, you should choose what is best for your business.

Benefits of Using Power BI Self Service Analytics Tool

Deciding to power bi self-service analytics tool in your business has many perks. Businesses that have used these tools in the past can confirm some of these benefits if not all. Here is what you get:

  • Easy and fast access to data – As mentioned, the power bi self-service analytics tool is synchronized with both cloud-based and on-premise data sources. Hence, accessing this data is very fast.
  • Detailed data analysis – This tool is designed to provide users with quick and detailed analytics. This depends on the type of data, business, and the results you want. You can rest assured that the tool will sort out the data with minimal input from the user and provide reports. Reports are usually detailed, easy to understand, and full of insights.
  • Customizable user interface – Apart from what the tool can do, users also get an opportunity to decide how the interface will look and what it can do. Since it is a self-service tool, it is equipped with customizable options.
  • Regular updates – Microsoft has been giving regular updates to the power bi self-service analytics. It is typically done on a weekly basis and users get a lot of new features. The data integrity policies and security features keep on getting better by the day.


If you are looking for an analytics tool that will transform your data into insights, the power bi self-service analytics tool is a great choice that you can rely on. It has gained a lot of trust and reputation over the years and it will not let you down.

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