How to Get the Precise Location of Your Orders and Parcels

Getting the Precise Location of Your Order During International Shipping

The prevalence of modern online shopping has necessitated tracking orders. Find out how to get a precise location for your international orders.

Have you bought goods online and need to know their precise location? Then this article is your guide to finding the information you need. The tracking number is the most critical piece of data you will need when locating a parcel online. It is essential to track a package as it progresses during international shipping.

How Does Online Tracking Work?

Before the widespread acceptance of online tracking, parcels were tracked manually. Traditional courier companies did this with painstaking effort. These carriers were also responsible for the delivery and retrieval of such packages. However, things are different today thanks to the advancement of technology and digitization.

Generating a code (that’s the tracking number) is the first step in the couriering of packages or parcels. The unique code contains all the information you need about the package. Such information includes the nature of the package, the destination, the date of arrival, the recipient’s data, the courier company, and the company of origin of the package.

A tracking number is to online parcels what fingerprints are to humans. Each package had its own unique code. After packaging a parcel, the unique code is attached to the package and updated on the database. This will ensure easy tracking of the parcel by both the sender and receiver.

Using Order Tracker to Find Your Parcel

Location If you have a package you want to track and you do not know the courier company, all you need is the tracking number. This option makes more sense when you have several parcels en route and the carriers have been mixed up. Type out the unique code into the search bar on the Ordertracker home page, and you will get the precise location of your package in real-time.

What Does Order Tracker Have to Offer?

Order Tracker is a powerful package tracking website that lets you know your package’s precise location anywhere in the world. Below are a few features that distinguish Order Tracker from similar tracking websites.

Supporting More Than 1200 Couriers

The Order Tracker website makes it easy to track parcels carried by over 1200 couriers in more than 200 countries. You can easily track orders from Amazon, Walmart, Apple, and eBay, to mention a few.

Email Alerts

Order Tracker also has email notifications for the parcel recipient and the seller. These emails are sent at intervals to keep every party informed of the precise location of your package. Each time a package moves from one location to another, the email is sent automatically.

Widget Can be Integrated Into E-commerce Websites

If you are a business owner with an e-commerce platform, you can integrate a parcel tracker on your website. With widget integration, your buyers can track every package directly from your website visiting the Ordertracker website. The custom tracking page will have your business logo and your buyers will not know that a third party site is providing the tracking services. The impact of adding tracking to its orders is considerable, as it prevents complaints and helps customers tolerate delays, resulting in up to 60% less customers reaching the support with the WISMO query, some surveys state 75% less tickets asking  “Where Is My Order”

Tracking a package or parcel can only be done with a tracking number. Apart from the features listed above, Order Tracker automatically detects the courier transporting your packages and provides other relevant information you may require. You do not need to pay a fee to complete a traditional China Post tracking search on Order Tracker.

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