How to get Tiktok verified badge: 5 Simple Tips

How to get Tiktok verified badge is a question that many users of the popular video-sharing app want to know. Getting verified can help you grow your audience, boost your credibility, and access more features on the app. In addition to buy TikTok accounts, we will share some other tips in the following article.

1. Learn about Tiktok verification

The Tiktok verification method confirms identities and informs users that the accounts in question belong to those listed as the owners. It tells the platform that you, your brand, or both are well-known organizations and that your account must be authenticated to prevent imitators from tricking followers.

Although many famous people and influential figures strive to be verified, corporations would benefit significantly from doing so. Below, we can see the blue checkmark that Duolingo uses to indicate their verification:

The account for Duolingo features a large blue tick

There needs to be a procedure for Tiktok how to get verified. Like on other platforms, you can’t request authorization for your brand. Instead, Tiktok examines all of its accounts to determine if they fulfill their verification criteria and awards them with the blue check. 

This makes the verification procedure on Tiktok less simple, but it will be even more impressive when it does happen!

However, to save more time and electricity these days, more and more people use the service to buy TikTok verified badge.

Tiktok will verify the account and display a blue checkmark

2. How to get Tiktok verified badge?

Here are the ways that you can get Tiktok verification quickly and effectively:

2.1 Create quality content

The first thing you must do in “how to get Tiktok badge” is continuously provide content. Nobody gets verified on the first try; you have to earn it. So develop a Tiktok content strategy and start regularly producing a ton of content.

Tiktok wants consistent follower growth, another factor in why consistent content creation is so crucial. In fact, according to some sources, you need to add 500–2,000 new followers every day to be verified. Tiktok has over 1 billion monthly active users, so even though that seems steep, you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Create daily Tiktoks and start observing which ones receive the most engagement. Producing more videos like that is likely your optimal strategy, especially regarding our next point.

You should create good content that attracts viewers

2.2 Producing viral videos

To get verified on Tiktok, you must create a video that reaches many users and gets many likes and views. This shows Tiktok that your content is fantastic and popular. This also helps you grow your account faster. Most reports have at least one video that goes viral before they get verified. 

How to get Tiktok verified badge is try to make content that people love and join in on the latest trends and challenges. This can boost your chances of getting a viral video. There’s no sure way to go viral. Sometimes it’s about luck or timing. But if you keep making quality content, you should have your viral video soon.

Getting a lot of views will help you get verified quickly

2.3 Other Verified Social Media Platforms

TikTok wants to ensure its verification process is correct, so it will constantly check the other social media accounts of other users to see if they have been verified there. This means you can verify on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter before switching to Tiktok. 

If you have been verified on any/all of your other platforms, then you have more chances of getting Tiktok to provide you with relevant information. So, verify on your other social media platforms. You can refer to the Mid-man site to understand how to get a verified badge on Tiktok.

You should verify on another social network too

2.4 Covered by the media

Tiktok also considers whether you get advertised on other media. Highlighting your Tiktok account in an online publication is how to get a verified badge on Tiktok and ensure your account is validated on the platform. So, how do you get media coverage? 

It all comes back to our previous tip: focus on creating content. Although there will be times when you see some Tiktok videos added to a compilation, most of the media report news naturally.

You will get media attention soon

2.5 Leverage the influence of Influencers

You can collaborate with influencers if you still don’t see your Tiktok account attracting many users. This will help your brand get more followers and engagement. Also, working with Tiktok influencers who like your brand is a great way to reach potential customers. 

Collaborating with influencers is also a good strategy

You can browse TikTok to find influencers who match your target demographics or post content that appeals to your audience. For example, a toy brand would look for creators who make content related to parenting and kids.

Then, make a list and contact them about working together. Many creators will have their email addresses on their profile pages for brands to quickly reach out as you can see, working with influencers on Tiktok also how to get Tiktok verified badge.

They will also help you reach more potential new customers

2.6 Follow the guidelines of Tiktok

Observing the rules is our final advice in “How to get Tiktok verification badge”. You have a substantially lower chance of becoming verified if your movies are routinely banned for breaking community rules. So ensure you stay informed of the content types you can and can’t post and follow those guidelines.

You should adhere to the Tiktok rules

3. 4 Steps to request verification on Tiktok

It’s possible that you don’t have this choice yet because Tiktok first made it possible to ask for authentication in November 2022. However, if you do, starting the TikTok authentication procedure is quite simple:

  • Hit your Profile in the bottom right corner of the Tiktok app, then hit the Menu button in the upper right.
  • Click on Settings and Privacy.
  • After selecting Manage Account, select Verification.
  • Only Business Verification applications are accepted if you have a registered Business Account.
  • You can request personal and institutional verifications if your account is set up as an individual.

To submit a verification request, follow the instructions above

You’ll need to wait while the TikTok team reviews your application after you’ve submitted it. How long will that delay last? It can take up to 30 days in some circumstances.

Above is all the information we shared about “how to get Tiktok verified badge” with you. By following these five simple tips, you can increase your chances of getting noticed by Tiktok and earning the coveted blue checkmark.