How to Get your First 1000 Followers on TikTok in 2022

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Since its rebranding, from to TikTok in 2016, TikTok has skyrocketed to become one of the biggest and trendiest platforms. With over 800 million users, TikTok is most popular among teenagers, especially GenZ. it provides its users with a platform to share video content on almost anything in a short span of time. Due to an innate similarity to Vine, its popularity skyrocketed further among GenZ. 

However, it is not only teenagers that use this platform various organizations also use it too to further their business or motives. In order to reach a large audience, there are certain steps to follow to ensure your message gets across. 

One of the biggest indicators that your message is getting across is your number of followers. The larger your number of followers is, the more likely your views go up.

How do we increase your followers? Here are a few tips to gain your first 1000 followers on TikTok.

1. Make your account a business account:

A business TikTok account allows you certain special privileges that a regular account doesn’t. A business account gives you further insight into how your videos are doing along with viewers’ insights, information on the various kinds of trends happening, and unique engagement solutions.

2. Spend time on the app and discover your target audience:

In order to grow your account and followers, it is important to understand how the app works. Take time to study the app, its algorithm, and its trends. You should also figure out what exactly your target audience is doing. 

Figure out the trends that your target audience is following and come up with content ideas to satisfy those trends. With a large user base, with demographics from different locations and of different ages, it is very necessary to define your target audience and cater to them. In doing so, you will know just what to post, when to post and how to post. As a result, your following will only keep increasing.

3. Use attractive and creative descriptions along with appropriate hashtags:

Your descriptions talk a lot about not only your account but also the content you post. It is very important to use eye-catching and informative descriptions for your videos. Not only because they inform your viewers about what your content is, but also because it alerts the TikTok algorithm about your content and places your content on the foryou pages of your target audience. 

One of the best kinds of descriptions is those that are a call to action, i.e., descriptions that encourage the viewers to comment, share their opinions, or even just follow, share, or like the video.

Another great way to promote your videos and thereby your account is to use the right kind of hashtags. Make sure the hashtags are relevant to the content as well as are ones that are currently trending. 

Be very specific with your hashtags as they decide your views. The best ratio to use is 1:1, i.e., for every trending hashtag, use one that is related to your content.

4. Post at the right time:

Posting at the right time is crucial in order to get your views and subsequently your following up. After you’ve identified your target audience, you should monitor the times that they come online. 

Figuring that out allows you to post content at those times which increases your watch time and followers. In order to automate this entire process of figuring out the times that your followers come online, you can learn about and use TikTok scheduling tools.

5. Create your own trends and make duets:

TikTok is an app for trends, as we have established. If you are able to start a trend and get it going, you are bound to get more views and followers. Being a trendsetter has big implications in the world of TikTok and is a surefire way to earn a big platform on the app.

By interacting with bigger tiktoks by bigger influencers, your videos and content get more traction. Creating duets with bigger account draws their audience to yours thereby drawing attention to your account. The more attention your account gets, the bigger your following gets.

To conclude, growing a following is not very hard. It takes a lot of studying, dedication, and smart work. Following these points is sure to give you a good headstart. Remember that your key point is your audience. 

The better you define your audience and target them, the more traction you get which results in your account’s growth. These tips need to be applied consistently. Don’t give up!

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