How To Grow Your Instagram Account

Instagram is phenomenal! It is highly visual and very engaging that allure users to dive more into this. As a social media user, you must be nervous about growing your profile within a short time. If you are a new Instagram user and wonder how your strategies should be, this is the perfect post for you. Let’s know some proven strategies for growing an Instagram account.

Post regularly

Instagram is popular for the high level of engagement. If you want to grow your profile seriously, you need to post at least a photo per day. But, always think about quality over quantity. You have to be cautious about the theme of your photo and the image caption all the time.

Add best hashtags

Hashtags are important like blood cells for Instagram posts. They help your post to get noticed by the right people. You have to find the popular hashtags in your niche and use them on your post smartly. But, never use irrelevant hashtags to have more reach. Such practice may create a negative impression.

Post at the right time

Schedule for posting is crucial to have a perfect engagement on your post. Posting time on Instagram may vary depending on your niche and location. But, 11 am to 1 pm and 7 pm to 9 pm is generally considered the peak time on Instagram. However, you need to be alert about your local time too.

Optimize your profile

Like a website, you can optimize your Instagram profile as well. The optimization steps seem like using a simple username, writing a complete bio, adding a CTA, and creating a branded hashtag. Profile optimization helps people to find you and your posts easily.

Notice the analytics

The default Instagram analytical tool is quite informative to measure essential metrics. You can check out a ton of information and activities of your followers on it. Analyze each piece of information thoroughly to understand what is working well and where you need to improve.

Follow others

To grow your followers, you can apply the “follow and follow-back” technique. This is an old-school strategy, but quite effective to have the best followers. Another way to get targeted followers is to find out your competitors’ profiles and follow their followers. Following others will let people know about your profile and follow you back.

Engage your followers

Most Instagram users forget about engagement. But, collaboration is essential to growing your profile. For the best outcome, you have to nurture your fans and followers routinely. Post photos of what your audiences like. Read their comment carefully and reply as fast as possible. There are many other engaging techniques you need to master.

Promote your profile

Profile promotion may sound weird, but it is very effective. Show your Instagram profile wherever you find a place. If you have profiles on other social networks, don’t forget to share Instagram links there. You can even place the link on your email signature too. If you have a blog, you can embed your profile on blog posts as well.

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