How to Grow Your Instagram Business Account in 2022

The most important thing to keep in mind when you are trying to grow your Instagram business account is that, even though it’s an important part of your marketing strategy, you should look at it as something beyond your efforts to increase your sales. 

It’s the place where you can establish a meaningful connection with your audience. The commercial benefits will come later, as a result of those real relationships.

Grow Organically

The best way to ensure that your Instagram account can bring you all of that in 2022, is to stop thinking in terms of quantity, or in other words the number of followers on your profile, and instead, focus on reaching and attracting quality followers. That is real people who are truly interested in what you can offer them, beyond the products or services you can sell them. Because, when it comes to social media marketing, nothing is more important than engagement.

Your first goal should be to find ways to grow your numbers fast but with quality followers. This would be an ideal formula for a successful Instagram business account. As you can read in this Path Social review, the web is full of Instagram growth agencies claiming that they can provide exactly that. So, if you decide to use one to grow your Instagram account, you should be very careful. 

Some of those agencies will simply inflate your numbers with fake users, inactive users, or users that aren’t interested in your brand. Path Social is one example of an agency that can help you reach people matching your ideal customers. They use tools, like their AI targeting algorithm but they have a team of social media experts as well.


Use Popular Features

Instagram stopped being a photo sharing app, and the platform now offers more and more features that you can take advantage of, to grow your account. Make sure that you know the latest trends and use everything available to you. 

Lately, reels – short videos that usually last between 15 seconds and one minute – have become one of the favorite formats for many Instagram users. Stories are another popular feature that users love to look at. Instagram live is another way to share content that, like the other formats, can transmit a feeling of closeness. All of them are perfect for increasing engagement

Implement Gamification

While Instagram isn’t a gaming environment, for many popular accounts implementing gamification has proven to be an effective way to increase engagement. For most users, Instagram is a way to relax, have a little fun, or maybe learn something new. To grow your Instagram business account in 2022, you should definitively try offering content in the game format. 

There are many ways you can do this. For instance, you can create contests that are relevant to your brand and what you are trying to sell. The bonus of this is that you can use it to inspire user-generated content, which is a great way to promote your brand and increase your audience. For best results, you should offer rewards, so that users feel that their participation is worth it.  

Appeal to Customers’ Emotions

Things are changing in the way people choose their products or services, and in the way they shop. More and more consumers prefer to purchase from small, rather than big companies. Probably the biggest reason for this is the fact that they can relate to them more. 

So, you should take advantage of Instagram to humanize your brand, by publishing honest and personal content, showing who you are, your team, your values. If they can identify with your content if they feel inspired, understood, or otherwise emotionally involved, your engagement will certainly grow. 


Instagram is the perfect channel for establishing a dialog with your audience, which is a great way to grow your account. Try asking questions, asking for their opinions or feedback, making surveys, encouraging them to share their experiences relevant to your brand, etc. Most importantly, don’t forget to reciprocate. This type of engagement can make a huge difference.   


As a social network based on sharing visual content, Instagram can provide businesses a lot more engagement than other platforms. So, it’s not a surprise that millions of companies around the world use it to promote their brands. Over the years Instagram has become the favorite platform for finding information about products and services. 

Users go there to learn about brands, their stories, their values, and often that’s how they decide whether they should purchase something or not. And if you know how to use it, your Instagram account will help you increase brand awareness, grow and build a community around your brand. Start using these strategies in 2022, and you will soon see results.

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