How to Handle Negative Google Reviews

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In the modern digital age, there are a lot of incredible ways that business owners can promote their brands and expand their business. Advnamcents in technology empowered by the accessibility of the internet have made it possible for more people to enter the market than ever before. With all of these exciting new innovations has also come a fair share of complications and challenges. 

One of the biggest challenges that companies face in the digital age is still one of the core challenges that has always faced the market – and that’s customer experience. On the positive side, businesses have more ways to interact and reach customers than they ever have; on the negative side, if a customer has a bad experience with a company, it’s never been easier for that customer to find another business or service to invest in. 

While the internet and technology have brought a lot of advancements, they’ve also raised the stakes of improving and maintaining a good customer experience. One of the benefits of using the digital sphere to promote your brand is that you can partner with a Google ads agency to help you achieve your goals. 

Using experts who know the ins and outs of Google ads can be a huge step in the right direction for not only gaining visibility but also improving your customer relations. 

While the internet can be a source of a lot of good solutions, it can also be the means for some challenges that are hard to overcome. One of those challenges is the reality of a negative Google review. 

A negative review is something that will come for all businesses eventually and it just can’t be avoided. While working with ad professionals to increase brand awareness and customer experience can help you grow, negative reviews are going to just be part of the territory that comes with the digital world. 

So how do you handle this part of the digital experience as a business owner in a way that can still promote your business and not sustain irreparable damage? 

The good news is that while negative reviews are something you will experience as a business owner, there are great ways of handling it that can help ensure your business continues to grow. Here are some tips for how to handle negative Google reviews that you need to know about. 

Set Aside Protect Time to Deal With Negative Reviews

The first tip for dealing with negative Google reviews is to set aside protected time to deal with them. What that means, is having a game plan throughout the week where this kind of challenge can exist. As a business owner, you will always have a million and one things on your plate and life can often get stressful. The one thing you want to avoid is reacting to a negative review due to stress or lack of capacity.

A negative review is actually a very important thing with a lot of potentials to help you and your business grow in quality. By setting up specific boundaries around time through the week that protects your ability to deal with them, you can give these reviews the energy they need. If you have a crazy busy day, or a very stressful schedule, then you can buy Google reviews for a positive online reputation.

The hope is that you won’t have that many negative reviews to respond to, but setting aside time to deal with them properly is key. 

Read With Empathy

As a business owner, a manager, or any kind of leader, chances are that a negative review is just not what you need on any given day. Negative reviews can be discouraging and it can be easy to react rather than respond to them. Trying to read the reviews with empathy should always be a goal. Put yourself in the shoes of the disappointed customer, and give them the benefit of the doubt by remembering that they don’t see the whole picture as you and your team do. 

Own Only What You Can Own

This is important for yourself, your team, and your business. If you have an irate customer who is bringing a lot to the table, critically think through their negative review. Where you can firmly see fault, own it, and be very clear about that. This will help give you clarity on how you can actually help fix the problem or make amends. 

Don’t Make It Worse

Once you’ve understood the areas of legitimacy that the customer’s complaint has, focus on what you can do to actually fix the problem. Don’t respond to things that you feel are unjust, or unrealistic. Focus on the present, real solutions you can bring to the table. 


Finally, always remain courteous and respectful. Yes, a negative review is a huge bummer, but it’s also a chance to show potential customers the quality of service you offer. A publicly visible negative Google review is a great opportunity to publicly display excellent customer care through meaningful, courteous, and respectful responses. 

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