How to Hide Instagram Likes and Views on Iphone and Android?

Since Instagram presented the like-hiding element, clients are progressively quick to stow away ‘likes’ on their posts. 

Rather than essentially seeking after the number of preferences they can get, they need to zero in erring on the subjective photographs and recordings being shared enjoy free shipping on Likes Geek

In the event that you choose not to show likes on your posts and every other person’s nevertheless don’t have any idea how to hide likes on Instagram, you can definitely relax.

With straightforward settings, Instagram has ensured that clients can undoubtedly hide likes on Instagram without confronting any issues. 

Here, we will direct you on the most proficient method to hide your preferences on Instagram inside a couple of moments.

Might You at any point hide Your Preferences on Instagram?

Might you at any point hide your preferences on Instagram from your Devotees? Indeed, it is feasible to hide Instagram likes. 

On May 26th, 2021, Instagram reported that clients are given the choice to hide, like relying on their own posts as well as others’ posts. 

Indeed, even you can change the settings appropriately like hiding preferences on Instagram previously or in the wake of sharing your posts. 

Note the like-hiding component is reversible. On the off chance that you need to see like counts, you can switch off “Hide like and view counts” from Settings.

How to hide Preferences on Instagram on Your Post?

Contemplating how to switch off likes on your post on Instagram? The following are two choices open to you. 

Regardless of whether you are an Android client or an iPhone client, you can undoubtedly hide likes on Instagram by following these means. 

How about we examine these ways individually?

Before sharing a post, hide the likes on Instagram

Before uploading a post on Instagram, the first technique is to hide likes. Take the essential actions outlined below About Views

  • Make the post you wish to publish and update it.
  • Toggle “Advanced Settings” on. This option is conveniently located on the Share Screen page.
  • Turn “Hide Like and View Counts on this Post” on at this time.

Go back to the page where you want to share the article, then click the share button. The views and likes on your post should no longer be accessible, as you should have noticed.

Here’s a method for hiding likes on Instagram for Android and iPhone.

After posting, hide Instagram likes

If you’ve uploaded something on Instagram, can you now conceal like counts there or not? Don’t panic; you can still disable Instagram likes even after you share a post.

Here’s how to hide the number of likes received after a post on Instagram.

Click the three-dotted menu on the post where you wish to hide the likes. This is conveniently open on the right side.

Select “Hide like count” from the menu now.

You won’t see the whole number of like counts; instead, you’ll simply see the statement “Liked by [Username] and others” on the screen.

All the procedures to hide the like count on Instagram, even if you shared the photo, are listed above.

How to Disable Instagram Likes on Other People’s Posts

The good news is that you can disable Instagram likes for other people’s posts. Inquiring as to how? 

On both Android and iPhone devices, we’ve listed the simplest steps you can take to hide the amount of likes on Instagram.

  • Open your app, then select “Profile” from the menu. The choice is conveniently located on the right side.
  • Open Settings, choose Privacy, and then choose “Posts” from the menu.
  • Find the “Hide Like and View Counts” option, and turn it off if it’s selected. This is a simple way to hide.

The overall amount of likes for the post will not be shown to you.

Go back to settings and uncheck “Hide like and view counts” if you want to see the hidden like counts once more.

Bonus Advice: How to Fix Instagram on iPhone Not Working

Is Instagram crashing on you or is it not functioning for you? We have the ideal programme to quickly assist you in fixing this problem, so don’t worry. 

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You can follow these procedures to fix Instagram issues.

  • On your PC, download and run the programme. Make sure the iPhone is linked to the PC.
  • Once the device is linked, select “Start” from the dashboard’s menu.
  • Choose “Standard Repair” from the two options presented and click it to continue.
  • Click “Download” to download the most recent firmware package at this time.
  • To fix the Instagram problem, select “Start Repair” after downloading the firmware package.
  • Be patient while you wait for the repair to be completed. Once the procedure is complete, you must click Done.
  • Verify that Instagram is operating flawlessly.

Wrapping Up!

These are straightforward methods for disabling Instagram like count for all posts. Additionally, if Instagram isn’t functioning properly, don’t worry; 

Tenorshare ReiBoot can quickly fix Instagram problems. This programme resolves all app-related problems and guarantees smooth operation.

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