How to Hire PHP Developers Even During the Pandemic

Despite the fact that there are many new programming languages and other technologies, lots of companies are looking to hire PHP developers right now. Actually, PHP web development is still among the most popular web development solutions. The advantages of this programming language make it the best choice in various situations. Thus, an experienced PHP developer is in high demand which also means it can be hard to find one. The global Pandemic made recruitment as we know it even harder but not if you know a smart way around problems like this.

Hire PHP Developers Offshore

It’s no secret that since the Pandemic, remote work has become even more popular. Obviously, the first that comes to mind when talking about remote work is freelance. Actually, freelance has been popular for many years but the nature of this hiring model has a lot of pitfalls. For example, it’s not a smart choice if you have a comprehensive project and it’s also not really safe. You will depend on the freelancers you hire! This is why, in this article, we focus on something that is much more convenient and reliable – offshoring. 

Using an offshore IT staffing provider to hire PHP developers is a modern tech talent acquisition solution. It’s an outstanding solution that comes really handy when you face a tech talent shortage or simply looking for lower rates and reliable remote employees. Before we jump to the advantages of this hiring model, let’s explain how it works first.

Hiring PHP Developers Offshore – How Does It Work?

The first thing you need to do if you want to hire developers offshore is to choose the offshoring destination. Among the most popular and most beneficial countries to choose from are Ukraine and Belarus. The amount of local tech talent and low salary rates make these countries perfect for companies that are looking for IT specialists.

Secondly, you need to choose your IT staffing provider. You’ll be surprised how many of them are available in each country. Still, some are not very reliable so you have to choose carefully. Make sure the one you like has successful cases and doesn’t have too low rates because high-quality services do not come too cheap.

The last step is to share your need with the service provider you have chosen. Once you do that, the only thing that is left to do is make the hiring decision. Usually, an IT staffing company helps to organize everything from recruitment and onboarding to workflow and communication. Once you have made the hire, you can start working with your new offshore employee!

Why Hire PHP Developers Offshore?

You’ll be surprised how many advantages hiring an offshore developer can bring you. Taking into account the growing popularity of remote work and the global Pandemic, it’s really worth considering the remote hiring models. This one is definitely the most reliable and it’s also designed to suit any kind of business from small companies to huge enterprises.

Hiring Offshore Is Cost-Effective

Probably the most important advantage that has to be mentioned first is cost-effectiveness. You can use PayScale to analyze how much developers earn on average in your country and city. Also, you can compare those average salaries with salaries they have in other countries to get a better picture of how much you would be able to save on paychecks. The number you will get is approximate and you also have to take into account the rates of your service provider. Still, the difference is usually so significant that working with an IT staffing provider can considerably reduce the cost of your web development.

Improved Recruitment Process

With an IT staffing company, you would be able to hire PHP developers in no time. Something, it takes just a few clicks to acquire the right programmer. You could have spent weeks trying to hire by yourself and still fail but working with a service provider means you can be sure you will hire successfully. It takes less time and less effort or no effort from you at all. Your staffing company does the hard work for you. You only need to share your requirements and you will be supplied with candidates that fully fit your criteria.

Manageable and Scalable Resources

In the case of remote hiring models, questions about management always arise. No wonder because, basically, you and your employee are located in different places. Unline with casual remote work, working with an IT staffing company means the organizational moments are taken care of on both sides. Your service provider is responsible for the efficiency of the provided developers. Thus, both sides are interested in smooth and successful collaboration.

Another beautiful thing about offshore hiring is the fact that you can easily hire dedicated PHP developers or even a whole team of IT specialists. Moreover, you can always extend your team with more members and say goodbye to those that you need no more with no hard feelings.

Ultimate Hiring Solution

Taking into account all the pros and the nature of this hiring model itself, it’s really an outstanding solution. Remote is the future of work and those companies that have been doing things remotely or adjusted quickly were not hurt by the Pandemic! So, why hire PHP developers offshore? For those who scrolled to the end without reading:

  • It’s relatively cheap (depends on your location mostly)
  • It doesn’t require micromanagement from your side
  • It’s 100% safe and reliable
  • You get access to an outstanding tech talent pool
  • You get to acquire an IT specialist in no time
  • The offshore workforce is easily manageable and scalable

Most companies are already using this model and you can find lots of white cases on the web. So, why not try it yourself and see if this works for you too. It will save you a lot of trouble for sure. Even if you are not sure, you can still contact an offshore IT staffing company just to get more information. They will be glad to assist you surely.

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