How to Hire the Best Front-End Developers?

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With the advent of the IoT era, a wave of automation has taken over the world of technology, where software and SaaS companies are experiencing a meteoric rise.

From the simplest everyday tasks like buying groceries to more complex tasks like financial training, today’s world has software for every purpose. As the demand for software products increase, the market is experiencing the need for skilled developers.

Global companies choose to outsource their software development projects given that outsourcing offers massive cost efficiencies, a world-class end-product with a rapid turn-around time.

Companies across the globe are on a constant lookout for skilled developers who are abreast of business technology trends and can build the Front end of their applications, given that visual appeal is of critical importance to user acceptance. If you are a company looking to hire Front end developers, you have reached the right place. Read on as we detail all you need to know before hiring a front-end developer-

5 Essential Qualities of the ideal Front end Developer 

Engagement models 

There are three broad engagement models that you can choose while hiring Front end developers. In-house teams, Freelancers, and collaborating with a software development company. Each of these engagement models is unique, and for you to make an informed choice, we have elucidated their specifics-

  • In-house development

If your project is large-scale and requires constant updates, ongoing maintenance, and post-release support, choosing to build an in-house Front end development team makes the most sense. You can hire ux consultants and software consultants to help you choose the best path and coordinate the teams.

  1. High level of control– Given that an in-house team works at the same premise as you, it becomes a lot easier to communicate expectations and resolve issues rapidly.
  2. Absence of language and cultural barriers– Given that the basic geolocation of your in-house team corresponds with your location, there is a very slim chance of mismatched cultures or language barriers.
  3. Dedicated resources- Your in-house team will dedicatedly work on your project without the distraction of having to work on projects sent in from other clients.

In-house development does not come without a set of disadvantages. Some of them are enumerated below-

  1. Expensive- Given that you have to pay an in-house employee a salary, plus company perks and benefits, and shell out for the required infrastructure, In-House teams can be quite expensive.
  2. Attrition- Attrition is a risk that most enterprises face when it comes to employees with high-value skills. An in-house employee might shift to another company offering better payouts.
  3. Downtime costs– Even when you don’t have a Front-end development project on hand and your development team is idling; you still have to pay their salaries in full, resulting in what is termed as the cost of downtime.
  • Freelance developers

Perfect for smaller projects with tight deadlines, hiring freelance developers can make a lot of financial sense. Here are a few benefits of hiring freelancers for your Front-end development project-

  1. Affordable– When you hire a freelance developer, all you pay is for Front end development services rendered/code written. The need to pay for perks, benefits, and infrastructure is eliminated in this engagement model.
  2. Talent pool- Given that geolocations do not matter while hiring freelance developers, you can choose from an exceptionally large talent pool

And now for the disadvantages of hiring freelance Front-end developers-

  1. High risk- Usually, there are no NDAs or IPR requirements in the case of freelance developers. Some even function without written contracts. This results in a massive risk factor that is best avoided.
  2. Cultural and language barriers- The greatest advantage of hiring freelance developers is also its greatest disadvantage. While you can choose from a global talent pool, there is no guarantee that the resource you hire comes without language and cultural barriers.
  • Outsourcing model

The most widely adopted and arguably the perfect way to hire dedicated developers for your front-end is software development outsourcing, a must-have for every development initiative. All you need to do is a little research to find the ideal Front end development company. The advantages of choosing the outsourcing model are-

  1. Cost efficiencies– When outsourcing your Front-end development requirements, you no longer have to pay for downtime, infrastructure, employee benefits, and perks while receiving top-notch quality from the front-end development company you have chosen.
  2. Access to the best talent- Software development outsourcing firms pride themselves on the output quality they put forward. Rest assured that the ideal Front end development company is equipped with all the resources required for project success.
  3. Rapid Time-to-market- Since you have saved time by bypassing hiring and staffing procedures, your product gets into the development stage faster, resulting in a rapid time-to-market.

The outsourcing model does have a couple of disadvantages. They are-

  1. Communication issues- If the outsourcing company has a different work culture from yours, misunderstandings may usually arise regarding the transparency and volume of communication offered.
  2. Management issues- If you are a business that likes to micromanage, then choosing to outsource your software development project is not a good idea. The ideal software development partner will take your requirements into account, and before you have to reach out again, a sizeable chunk of high-value code would be ready for your review.

5 Essential Qualities of the ideal Front end Developer

Before you hire a front-end developer, there are certain skillsets that you need to check for first. Read on as we detail the 5 essential qualities of the ideal front end developer-

  1. Creation of an application layout

The front-end development team you hire should be well versed with both HTML as well as CSS. HTML is used to tell the browser about the structure of the web page it is loading, and CSS helps with the page’s design. The layout of your application should be intuitive, easy to use, and replete with subtle yet effective styling elements, given that is arguable the most critical element in terms of user acceptance.

  1. Implementation of animations, user interactions, and other stylistic elements

While HTML and CSS are more than enough for static elements on a web page, animations triggered by user interactions, moving design elements, moving menus, interactive elements like maps and pop-ups, embedded video players, etc., require JavaScript code.

Your front-end development team should have the ins and outs of JavaScript coding on the back of their hands if you desire your page to be considered interactive and attractive.

  1. Writing a front-end code

Not only should the ideal front-end developer know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, they should also know how to write clean/understandable code that can be reused for building applications. When your front-end team writes high-quality code, the app development process speeds up, and you get a flawless product.

  1. Application optimization and scalability

The front-end developer you hire should know how to monitor their code and app system functionality to ensure app performance. Applications that don’t crash, don’t throw up errors, loads fast, and have an appealing yet utilitarian design are one that enjoys high levels of user acceptance.

The developer should also factor in scalability, i.e., the potential of the application to grow while handling enhanced operations, features, traffic, and workloads without lags.

  1. Teamwork

The ideal front-end developer should be a great communicator and an effective collaborator. The developer should be able to work in synergy with a team while offering a consultative approach in terms of feature inclusions and user requirements.

In summary

Hiring the ideal Front end developer can prove tough at times. The market currently has developers of all levels in terms of experience and expertise, and it isn’t easy to locate the right one.

The points mentioned in this article aim to resolve this issue. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to choose the engagement model that fits your business requirements perfectly and make an informed choice while hiring Front end developers by properly evaluating their skills.

Author bio:

Maitray Gadhavi contributes to Radixweb as a senior business development manager. Focusing on accelerating the growth of organizations through innovation-led front-end development, Maitray balances long-term gains in the ever-evolving industry of front-end development. He excels at bringing the voice of customers into the enterprise. When not at work, you can find him binge-watching his favourite series to unwind.

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