How to Improve Your Business’ Cybersecurity Practices

In 2022, cybersecurity should be a priority for businesses of all sizes. The cost of attacks has risen by 10 percent in the last year alone, and the average cost of a data breach now stands at $4.24 million. Unless you can afford the expense, it’s imperative you don’t become the next victim.

Luckily, there are ways to guard against any breaches, and many of them involve reviewing the way you approach your cybersecurity. Not only do you need to get better at protecting yourself, but you must make sure those surrounding you also play a part.

We look at three of the most effective ways to keep your business safe from attack.

Do your research

Often, cybersecurity breaches are partly the fault of the business itself. While we don’t condone victim blaming, it’s fair to say the onus is on you to reduce the risks. If you don’t, you’re more likely to suffer an attack. It starts with understanding what you’re protecting your business against. If terms like “multi-factor authentication” and “penetration testing” leave you furrowing your brow, you’re almost certainly in danger, so it’s time to do some research and educate yourself on what you’re trying to avoid.

Google, as ever, is a wonderful tool, but for those likely to struggle with the subject matter, videos can be a more engaging way to learn. Podcasts are also a great resource, with some of the best cybersecurity podcasts having content suitable for both beginners and those looking to broaden their existing knowledge. The Shared Security Show and Down the Security Rabbit Hole are our particular recommendations.

Train your staff

Once you’ve expanded your knowledge and better understand cybersecurity, pass this information on to your staff. The door to hackers is often left open by employees who don’t comprehend the dangers – and this is especially true now remote working is on the rise.

While remote network monitoring is one way to combat the increased risks, the most important precaution you can take is to educate your employees. Teach them what they should and shouldn’t be doing to avoid network breaches and so on. There are lots of ways to impart this knowledge, from creating guides they can refer back to delivering professional training (either in the office or via Zoom or Skype).

Consult the experts

No matter how much time you put into teaching yourself and your staff about cybersecurity best practices, there are some things you simply can’t handle on your own. If you haven’t already done so, it’s worth enlisting the help of the professionals and getting their view on what you can do to improve. Moreover, by using a team of cybersecurity experts, you’ll be able to take advantage of continuous cybersecurity services so that your system is always safe from cyberattacks. It’s possible to either hire a freelancer or install someone to keep an eye on your cybersecurity on a more permanent basis. Whatever your budget, you have options, so take advantage of these to enhance what you’re already doing.

When it comes to keeping your business safe, the most important thing is to educate yourself and your staff. Make sure you’re all working toward the same goal of maintaining your security online, and you’ll make it much less likely that you fall victim to hackers or other cybercriminals.

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