How to Incorporate Branding in Your Employee ID Design

What is the brand identity? This is a very common question today, asked by many, yet businesses still struggle with establishing their own, and many of them are confused about whether they need it or not. However, given the fact that today’s market is competitive, branding is an element that every business should strive for, since your future client base will connect your brand with the image they have created in their heads. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by thinking of the visual representations of the company through the design of the identification cards. It is true that some types of cards convey certain messages, such as culture, ideas, and professionalism. In further text, you will see how you can incorporate branding into your employee ID design. 

You Need to Understand Your Company’s Brand Identity 

Trying to understand your company’s identity? You have probably asked yourself about this part a couple of times now. Well, let us help you with this one. First things first, you need to define your company’s long-term and overall goals. Your company’s identity is at the same time your company’s essence, including its mission, values, vision, and unique selling points. You should take the necessary time to go through all of these topics one by one until you finally crystalize every single one of them. Once you have established your company’s voice and personality, it is time for you to visualize them. By bearing this in mind, the ID card will have different color palettes, typography, and some other visual elements. Speaking of this, the logo will have a crucial role in the entire story, so you need to spend as much time as you need to make it stand out. 

Choose Colors Carefully 

It is a well-known fact that colors have a great impact on our emotions, how we feel, and even sometimes on how we think. Implementing the right colors on ID cards can have a significant impact on your customers. Brighter colors may be connected with a welcoming and warm attitude, which is why your customers can feel more secure and “at home” when they are visiting your company’s place. In addition, you should try to match your employee’s uniforms with their ID cards and seek ways in which you can incorporate the cards into the entire fit. When choosing colors for your cards, you also need to invest some time in picking a proper ID card printer that will be able to transmit the colors as they are. You need to make sure you are serving quality all along. 

Incorporate Elements of Your Brand 

The next thing to be done is to use all of the elements of the company and put them on the card. Since your company, as it was previously said, has a clear message and vision, it is beyond important to visualize this element in the form of the card, and you need to make sure that the card also has all of the necessary information customers look for. For instance, phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact information are preferred to be put on the card for obvious reasons. 

Fonts and Typography 

Yes, the fonts of the letters, their length, shape, thickness, and other features should be kept in mind. The main goal of using these features is to make them visible and readable at the same time. No matter how some fonts look beautiful and are attractive to the eye, if the customer has a hard time reading them, then there is no use for them. Therefore, you need to make sure you are using something simple and practical. Also, you should make sure you are using the same style and size throughout the card. 

Information Organization and Hierarchy 

The whole point of ID cards is to transmit all of the necessary information to customers as simply as possible. So, it is crucial to include all of the information! The layout of the card needs to be organized in a manner that reveals all of the necessary information at the top, such as the job title, name, and company logo, and includes some other information at the bottom, such as the photo as well as contact details. In addition, you need to make sure to incorporate your ID number somewhere there, but not in a prominent position. 

ID cards are an integral part of corporate identity as they are some kind of business ID. Besides containing all of the necessary information about employees, it is also very important for the cards to go hand in hand with your company’s identity. They act as a part of your uniform and a part of your company’s brand. 

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