How to Increase App Downloads

Congrats on creating your app! We are sure that it’s smooth, fun, and extremely useful. However, with over 3 million applications up for grabs within Apple’s and Google’s mobile distribution platforms, your startup won’t bring you a dime if people don’t notice it. So, how to outgrow your competition, get majorly noticed by your target consumers, and get more downloads for your app? You’ll find our expert answers below, so stay tuned.

5 Mobile Marketing Tips to Increase Downloads

Getting to grips with how the mobile storefront you’re focused on works is paramount when it comes to bolstering your application installs. If you delve deeper into this topic, you’ll realize that both Google Play Store and App Store come with similar factors that influence — and, therefore — boost app downloads for you. Here’s a quick overview of those factors:

  • properly designed metadata;
  • high install and retention rate;
  • positive user reviews and ratings;
  • your app performance;
  • localization quality;
  • update frequency and quality;

Now that you’re enlightened about the basics of what the major mobile distribution platforms are fond of, you’re welcome to explore our 5 increase app downloads hacks provided below. 

1. Design an Eye-Catching Icon

The way your app icon looks matters a lot, for it’s the first thing your visitors see when they come across your product in the app store. With that said, creating a stunning icon is crucial. Wondering how to succeed in this respect? One word: simplicity. Make it simple and make it pop!

2. Work on Your Social Media Presence

It’s up to you whether you’ll promote your app on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. The main thing here is to focus on the quality of your content. Ensure your social media persona resonates with what your startup is all about. Imagine that your app is an actual person. What would it sound like on YouTube or elsewhere? For example, if your product is funny and entertaining, boring your audience with long inspirational speeches is a definite no-no. 

3. Polish Metadata to Perfection

Your app title and description are key in terms of learning how to get more app downloads and skyrocket your revenue to stardom. Incorporate the most powerful keywords into both these metadata elements. Concentrate on proper wording and memorability, avoid names that already exist, ensure that your app title perfectly resonates with what it has on offer. 

4. Get the Marketing Activity Going

Yes, completing this mission takes financial investment and usually isn’t sorted out overnight. As a matter of fact, it’s an ongoing process. You can do it under your own steam or hire a professional app marketing team. Here’s what you’ll need to engage in to eventually increase app visibility:

  • email and SMS marketing;
  • content-based app optimization;
  • influencer marketing;
  • website creation and promotion;
  • Reddit, Digg, Quora, and Medium.

5. Put Your Target Consumers First

When figuring out how to drive app downloads, keep laser-like focus on your audience. If you do that, you will excel in all other aspects of your ASO strategy, such as keyword optimization, the visual side of your app listing, positive word of mouth, attention-grabbing icon, etc. To determine what exactly your potential consumers like and want, as well as how many app downloads is good in your case, make the most of solid analytical tools and software. 

Bottom Line: Take Continuous Action

Making it to the reputable most popular apps charts and taking your installs to a new level is challenging but doable. If you follow the tips provided in this post, stick with the best analytical tools on the scene, as well as approach it all with hard work and patience, you are bound to succeed in driving some serious sales.

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